FE8 hacking qustions

I have a very wierd question TBH… That is: I’ve run of space for palletes. Is there a way to alloctaed more records for palletes for one character?
I don’t have an issue with the table itself, it can be appended as much as I want, there’s just not enough space for palletes for a single character (as they are linked to a class).

Approx 7 is max iirc, sorry

I’ve helped someone with the same issue. There is a method that allows you to go over that 7 palette cap, but it requires you to recolour an entire animation, instead of a palette. Apply the custom animations patch and it might just work. This method costs a lot of space however. It is sad that you can’t go around the cap :frowning:

Yeah I was thinking about this approach. Unfortunately it seems that it’s the only one.
Space is not an issue since we are not using cartridges anymore. The format is a big hindurance and I think FEXNA (or whatever it’s called RN) will be objectively a better engine.
However it’s the Minecraft Java thing again… most of the content is made for the ROM platform and I don’t see it being replaced.

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Gamma made this ASM to allow you to use an arbitrary amount of palettes per character.

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