[FE8] Got [a/an] item message

Is there a way to remove the a/an from the message?

I don’t think there’s an easy way to translate that into Spanish, because in English it just need to check the first letter of the item’s name, meanwhile in Spanish it has to check the last letters to change the indefinite articles, and there are some special cases that would be a mess to make. So it’s better just remove the thing.

Take a look a this topic. I asked that question a few years ago, but for FE7. [FE7/FE8] Notes on item dropping
Just copy that from FE7 and look for it in FE8. Maybe you find it.

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This article is interesting.
You can fix it on Got XXXX with the following changes in FE8U:

FE8U 0801619C : 04 E1

This code inserts the following code:
b 0x080163A8


That’s it!
Thank you!

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I packaged this content in a patch of FEBuilderGBA.