[FE8]Get Adjacent Units asm

Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4630w0f6odyqd5d/Get%20adjacent%20units.rar?dl=0

This gets the ram offsets of the units next to the current one. only usable with unit menu commands(?)

How to use:

From the readme:
Before calling the routine:
substract 16(decimal) from sp.
move sp into r0.

Calling the routine:
ldr reg, GetAdjacentUnit
mov lr, reg
.short 0xF800
then, at the end of the asm:
(After #incbinning your asm, add A POIN GetAdjacentUnits(or whatever the label you incbinned this asm with))

After calling the routine:
load the content inside of sp.
sp = up
sp+4 = right
sp+8 = down
sp+12 = left

then, after loading the values inside of these, add 16 to sp to clear it.