[FE8] Fire Emblem: Wrath of Nero (WIP title) (5 chapters complete)

I’m new to romhacking and after playing with FEBuilder for a while, I finally got around to trying to make a hack of an idea that I’ve had rattling around in my head. This is all still a work in progress but I would really appreciate some feedback about the hack. I’ve taken a different approach to the story than all the hacks I’ve seen. Instead of a fantasy world, this hack takes place in our world, based off of real historical events that occurred in the Roman Empire. Of course, it is still a Fire Emblem game with magical people and creatures, but I hope that it seems like I included those things in a believable way. Any advice and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I feel I also need to include this disclaimer: There is a portion of the hack that depicts a historical sexual assault. I would advise skipping that portion if it makes you too uncomfortable. Characters may also exhibit bigotry that would have been common during that time period.

githubDOTcom/gyrared/Wrath-of-Nero (since I just made an account I guess I can’t post links, will update later)


I think you meant “FEBuilder”, not “FEditor”. The latter is an outdated program.

I did, thank you