[FE8] Fire Emblem: The Sacred War [complete]

It’s the Dark Stone, you get one beating the Lagdou Ruins


can you steal the stat boosters in the rift? I haven’t tried because I can’t spare a single move in the chapters but im jw

Howdy there! Just discovered this hack and I wanted to say wow! That title screen is splendid! Did you create it yourself?

The enemy Passive Boosters? No.

The Stat Boosters that raise your stats when you use them as items? Yes but they are all droppable ayway.

febuilder says that chest contains money and a holy stone, but I only get the money, it is random that?

Seth is broken af now

Dear author, I like your game very much. I would like to ask: how can I get extra roles after the main line game is cleared?

Main menu → Extras → Map → Select the “Epilogue” save file. Same as in the base game.

Hey, hate to necropost, but after reading all 629 comments on this thread and just looking at the graphics/screenshots above, I cant wait to play this hack. Just wondering though, is there any way to get this from .ups to .gba because the emulator I use doesn’t support .ups. If there isn’t a way, I would love it if someone could recommend a (preferably free/browser) emulator I could use to play this. Sorry again for the necropost but this game looked too good to let go. :slight_smile:

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The .ups isn’t the ROM, it’s a patch. Distributing ROMs is illegal, so what people do is give out a patch. You have to get a clean ROM of FE8 yourself and apply the patch to the .gba ROM. I recommend you use this website

Oh got it, thanks so much.

Can you recruit Kelik and how.
I defeat him but only receive the relic.

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no they killed him hes dead now


it’s at the end of everything