[FE8] Fire Emblem: The Sacred War [complete]

Man… every time you update, i have to start from scratch… sigh… i mean, i know i dont NEED to but my OCD forces me to… i cant play 1.27 if 1.28 is out there… maybe i should just wait til you’ve released an actual final update before i play this again?

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But man, my last save data messing up was in 1.25.

You won’t lose anything by updating from 1.27 to 1.28.

As for Final updates… the next 1.3 will be crucial.
Then the are plans for a Final one.
Asset construction is almost over. But implementing them is another beast by itself.
Then there’s bug check and trying to break things to see if they are properly working.
Which means it takes time.

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New patch (1.30) is out with (hopefully) the fixes on the last ugly parts
and finally some new content for high-end players.

Edit: BTW, I won’t update for some long time (unless some game breaking bug is found)
so have fun grinding.
V1.30 will stay for quite some time.


thank you Seal!

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Hey @Seal, how did you do the Star Seal stat bonus effect? I love the idea of inventory items which increase & decrease stats and I wanna try using it in a hack.

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I made an account just to thank you for this hack. This is probably my favourite FE, and this hack adds a lot of neat and interesting twists that make the game even better.

I particularly like the changes you made to the maps because this time I didn’t know how things would pan out. The new class you made for Seth fits him perfectly and the new sprites are very well done and animated (and they look like the portraits too!). Better weapon uses was something this game needed badly, it’s so much easier to control the inventories.

Thank you for sharing this awesome hack! :grinning:


No disrespect, but is it too much to ask for a single definitive update?

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It’s not exactly easy to account for every possibility - bugs come up all the time. I don’t think there’s any issue with additional releases to tend to those, and I don’t think anyone is complaining about additional content. It’s not like save files will stop working either. What’s the issue with putting more work into a project?


We are getting there!

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Well I don’t mind bug fixes, I’m talking more about the gameplay additions that changed the game, like Seth’s new class.

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Will next update include the updated fighter animations?

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No. There won’t be anymore animations for the existing classes.

ah ok, what about map sprites for the monster classes, i had made some standing map animations and i was wondering if i finish the moving map ani for them would you add them?

I have already given them new MAP sprites. What do you mean?

Did it at the same time the new battle sprites for the monsters were introduced (v1.19).

oh its been awhile since ive downloaded the newest versions my bad and sorry

Update v1.33 is out.

Also descriptions of patch notes are more summarized from now on for length reasons.

Have fun!
If you need to know I’m trying to end it by v1.40. But that’s just the plan.
Will see how things will go.

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How is it possible that there are weapon of rank b or a and the characters with S weapon mastery cant use them?

Some weapons are class exclusive and can only be used by specific classes. There are docs that you can get in the patch notes section with this information

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You can also read the in-game “Guide” menu in the Options.

It has listed what each class can do and what each class has access to.