[FE8] Fire Emblem: The Sacred War [complete]


I have not touched Hp Bars ever (outside of installer refactoring) (Teq is the one that added a bunch of things to it at some point)


Thanks to Stan’s help the HP Bars are kinda working without crushing the system.

Added an extra link to the OP, below the v1.26 patch, that contains this feature
but it’s still experimental as some of you might not like the result or how it can look.
If you don’t like it, you can revert back to the previous version without HP bars.

After some time has passed I’ll ask whether you want them (the HP bars) in the current state
as a permanent addition.

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There’s an HP bars toggle in the in-game options

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Which one?



Subtitle Help


No it doesn’t close/open the HP bars or warnings.
Actually tried all options. None works.


It should be titled HP bars but I’ve noticed the toggle doesn’t actually function anymore.


Oh, I see.

SOS. We need a Wizard !
(Or was it intentionally removed?)


It being called HP Bars is just a question of changing text ID 0x94.

Other than that, I don’t know if it was removed or not, if it was I don’t think it should have/it was on purpose, since the installer still mentions it.


Removed the experimental patch link.

Will add the HP bar feature permanently on the next update along with some other things
as all issues with it are solved.
(Cheers to Stan’s magic and Leonarth’s insistence)


Patch 1.27 is out and it brings some QoL imporvements, a buff
and mostly placeholder data.

Also updated the “Weapon Balance” folder in the patch notes
making the Holy Stone currently improved effects now visible.


Seems like a patch comes out every few weeks. Great work as usual

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Hey, loving this game. Currently playing v 1.25, but i wanna switch to 1.27. will my old saves work?

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Yes there are no issues at all between 1.25 to 1.27


Patch 1.28 is out and it fixes some graphical and text issues

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Those new hp bars are looking snazzy.

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Man… every time you update, i have to start from scratch… sigh… i mean, i know i dont NEED to but my OCD forces me to… i cant play 1.27 if 1.28 is out there… maybe i should just wait til you’ve released an actual final update before i play this again?

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But man, my last save data messing up was in 1.25.

You won’t lose anything by updating from 1.27 to 1.28.

As for Final updates… the next 1.3 will be crucial.
Then the are plans for a Final one.
Asset construction is almost over. But implementing them is another beast by itself.
Then there’s bug check and trying to break things to see if they are properly working.
Which means it takes time.

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New patch (1.30) is out with (hopefully) the fixes on the last ugly parts
and finally some new content for high-end players.

Edit: BTW, I won’t update for some long time (unless some game breaking bug is found)
so have fun grinding.
V1.30 will stay for quite some time.


thank you Seal!

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