[FE8] Fire Emblem: The Rise of Dragons (6 chapter DEMO!)

New Adrian portrait coming soon


This looks interesting.
I am a sucker for story about Elibe!

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This seems interesting. I can’t ROMhack myself, but I did have some story ideas

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I love where this is going. I will say thought that I think Derrik and Blair’s differences in growths are insane. Blair is genuinely better than Derrik in every way, so there is no reason to choose him over Blair. I think he should at least be stronger or tankier than Blair, because genuinely I want to use him, but if I have to cut anyone first it’s him. Blair has better growths than the actual lord of the hack, and a better skill.

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The idea is that heir difference as Christmas Cavs is that Derrik has good bases and bad growths, and Blair has bad bases and good growths. In a way, Derrik is a mini-Jagen, and Blair is a mini-Est.

Of course, their stats are not final. They require some fine-tuning

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Finished the Demo here are my notes

Criticism/Things I Like

This is probably going to be the only note on plot
but I find it really interesting that wind magic has gone extinct.
Is this referencing how Aircalibur disappears between GBA games?

I like absorb, I’m not generally in favour of healer’s attacking
but for it’s price I think it’s reasonable.
I hope the first healer is the only free one you get.

Whelp second story note
Seeing a new/reformed black fang is interesting,
I’m curious to see where it goes.
I would have complained about the very concept a few
years back but well I got over myself and did the same thing.

I like that vulns heal 15 Hp

I think Ch 5 is a slight difficulty spike if you go for
the far village otherwise it’s pretty on par
I think this is good as that is clearly meant to be a challenge

I got the Village BTW


Criticism/Things I Dislike

Class reel has some slight issues.
If you want me to do the class reel I will, I love doing the Class Reel.

Class Reel goofs

Thief uses Armour Knight description
I think the cav is meant to be the ranger description but I am unsure as it could also be leftover text
“…on the search of truth” should be “…on the search for truth” unless this is meant to reference something else either later in the game or some other media.

HyperGammaSpaces made a “Misc Info” graphic for the Like/dislikes screen
it looks much better than the “Donate” graphic.

Referring to this screen


Ch1 doesn’t end if you have Ruby escape and the remaining units die,
either game over or chapter end would work.
Alternatively have Ruby refuse to escape untill everyone else does
or have her ditch everyone like Leif in FE5.
I also tried escaping with a unit rescued, it works fine



Who I assume is the head of Lycia’s army uses Douglas’s armour
However it still has a Bern crest on it if this isn’t
meant to mean anything I think it should be removed.
[Seriously idk why Douglas has this in FE6 him, Flear and Roberts
are the only three who don’t match the way FE6 separates armour]

I think Ch 5 could be recontextualized as a survive map
since the Defend point doesn’t add much and it can’t be threatened
by units from behind as there isn’t much room and can be cheep if the
player has pressed right too aggressively

Skipping should be denied at Marlene deployment choicer as if skipped it defaults to No.


It is comically easy to set up steal loops in Ch2

I like supply units, I also implement them in my work

I see the Short bow is still overpriced lol

Ch 4 is a good fog map
no notes

Is Cable suppose to have dark rank?
Cause he does.

I never considered if Erik had an heir,
I kinda always thought Laus was consumed by Lycia

Since this is an FE6 sequel is has the opportunity to do
the funniest effin’ thing and include a descendant of Roberts
That shares all his quirks