[FE8] Fire Emblem: Souls of the Forest

No… There is not.

Right? There’s a really good story here that arbitrarily decides to focus on a guy who was relevant but not relevant to the story IMO, who on the switch comes off as a complete honor-bound Crown jockey who’s entire depiction up to that point hadn’t shown him as. The guy ordered his wounded soldiers to fall back rather then fight so they’d die with honor like a normal Crown Polisher unit tends to do.

New update that buffs some units, as well as adding some funny items to buff footlocks, such as


Oh boy can’t wait for those 120+ might Meister axe Warriors.

The Meisteraxt would only have 28 might. It doubles might, not attack

it was a joke, considering how every enemy on V:final2 has 200 crit I was being snippy.

in the “I’m not going to be shocked if endgame enemies are carrying these alongside their statbloating weapons” kind of way.

I also tried to delete that comment and it clearly failed.

Hello sooo are the supports written and implemented now? Also reading about difficulty so in those 3 difficulties is one of them like easy mode? I’m not ashamed to admit I’m not a pull my hair out type of gamer, I’m just trying to have fun with it lol

supports are not implemented, and normal mode should be easy enough to just cruise through

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Pandan seemed to recommend this hack, and VQ is the only hack i’ve really enjoyed. Going to try this soon, any specific date this will be updated on I should wait for?

The patch is updated once in a while with slight balance changes and occasionally new items, along with typo fixes. You can play it entirely through on one of the routes, story and all, on the current patch, and you can join the discord if you want to know when a patch is updated.

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How is work on the second route coming along?