[FE8] Fire Emblem: Shining Revolution (11 Chapter Demo)

Hello there!

Thank you for checking out the demo to Fire Emblem: Shining Revolution! A Fire Emblem Sacred Stones hack largely inspired by games such as Suikoden, Shining Force, Triangle Strategy and a variety of other works.

For those that wanna get right into this as blind as possible:


Fire Emblem Shining Revolution.zip - Google Drive

The UPS patch in the download can be used with a tool such as NUPS.

For those that would like a bit more information, here are a trailer, some features, credits, and if there are people that have an interest in making a tier list of Shining Revolution after playing it, I made one of those too.


-A High Fantasy Setting
-11 New Maps
-27 Recruitable characters (All with custom character art!)
-New Classes
-New Items
-New Story
-New Supports (using the FE9 style of “Maps deployed together” to build support points)


All Sprites and music not by me, An odd Dutch Introvert, were obtained from the Graphics and Music Repo’s.
If anything is not mentioned here it is either a vanilla resource or made by An odd Dutch Introvert.
-An odd Dutch Introvert


Laz-Riya Face sprite: Base is Mercury (Dragalia) by FaerieFruit, edits by An odd Dutch Introvert
Thief: Base by IS, edits by An odd Dutch Introvert
Pupil: Base by IS, edits by An odd Dutch Introvert
Female Savage: Body base: Female Brigand Reskin by eCut and Skitty, edits by An odd Dutch Introvert (map: edit of Glaceo’s FE13 Brigand)
Male Savage: Lizard Brigand Wildling by Lenh (map: edit of Glaceo’s FE13 Brigand)
Horse: Horse Map sprite by L95, battle anim by An odd Dutch Introvert (edit of nomad’s horse)
Female Berserker: Female Armored Berserker by eCut and Skitty.
Female Chieftain: Body base: Female Armored Berserker by eCut and Skitty, edits by An odd Dutch Introvert
Male Chieftain: Head: Lizard Brigand Wildling by Lenh, base body Berserker by IS, edits by An odd Dutch Introvert
Female Marauder: Brigand Wolf Rider by ZoramineFae, eCut, Skitty and Teelvade.
Male Marauder: Brigand Wolf Rider by ZoramineFae and Teelvade.
Occultist: Female Staff Shaman by Jeorge_Reds.
Pirate: Female Pirate Variant by Nuramon.
Axe Cavalier: Axe Cavalier by Primefusion (Bird headswap by An odd Dutch Introvert)
Halberdier: Halberdier by TheBlindArcher.
War Monk: War Monk by DerTheVaporeon, Pikmin1211.
Axe Wyvern Rider: Axe Wyvern Rider by Mikey Seregon, Alfred Kamon.
Axe Wyvern Lord: Axe Wyvern Lord by TheBlindArcher.
Griffon Rider: Griffon Rider by Blue Druid, Maiser6 and 7743.
Griffon Lord: Arbalest by EldritchAbomination, Raspberry, Ary.
Brigand: Jacketed Brigand by RenOokami, Lord Wolfram, Reyk_Retro0337.
Axe Armor knight: Axe/Handaxe by TheBlindArcher.
Sword Pegasus knight: Sword Pegasus Knight by MK404.
Spellsword: Magic Eirika by Lisandra_Brave.
Male Mage Knight: Male Mage Knight sword (rapid slash crit) by Aruka, Kenpuhu.
Female Mage Knight: Male Mage Knight sword (rapid slash crit) by Aruka, Kenpuhu.
Female Fighter: Long haired Female Fighter by Black Mage.
Female Warrior: Repaletted Female Warrior by Temp, repalette by Pushwall.
Beholder: Gazer by Seal
Guardian: High Maelduin by Seal

Arrow Spell Animation: Ballista Arrow by Seal, Sacred War


The first song in the game: A Moment’s Rest (FFXII) by Hitoshi Sakimoto
Battle Preperations: Assault (FFX) by Nobuo Uematsu
Player Phase Theme Prologue: Filthy Nuclear Bunker (Hiveswap Act 1) by James Roach
Player Phase Theme Ch. 1: Overworld (Shining Force 2) by Motoaki Takenouchi
Player Phase Theme Ch.2/5/7: Battle (FFX) by Nobuo Uematsu
Player Phase Theme Ch.3: Into the Darkness (FFIV) Obtained from Music Repo, original by Nobuo Uematsu, redone by Sme
Player Phase Theme Ch.4/6: Battle (FFVI) by Nobuo Uematsu
Player/Enemy Phase Theme Ch.5x/8: Blitz-Off! (FFX) by Nobuo Uematsu
Player/Enemy Phase Theme Ch.9: Battle (FFVI) by Nobuo Uematsu
Enemy Phase Theme Ch.1/3/5: Mt. Bristle (PMD-Explorers) by Arata Iiyoshi and Hideki Sakamoto
Enemy Phase Theme Ch.2/4: Hurry! (FFX) by Nobuo Uematsu
Enemy Phase Theme Ch.6/7: Spacial Cliffs (PMD-Explorers) by Arata Iiyoshi and Hideki Sakamoto
Attack Theme: Boss Battle (FFIV) by Nobuo Uematsu
Defend Theme: Enemy Attack (Shining Force 2) by Motoaki Takenouchi
Boss Theme: Otherworld (FFX) By Nobuo Uematsu
Victory Theme: Victory Fanfare (FFX) by Nobuo Uematsu
“Oh hey, you almost won, just beat one more guy!” Theme: Chivalrous Thief Deckard (Lufia The Legend Returns), midi provided by LucasRCD
Shop Theme: Lively Town (Shining Force 2) by Motoaki Takenouchi
Armory Theme: Route 111 (Pokémon RSE) by Junichi Masuda
Support Room Theme: Thunder Plains (FFX) by Nobuo Uematsu
Oops you messed up and someone died song: Game Over (FFXII) by Hitoshi Sakimoto
A Sad song that might play when Laz-Riya dies: Old Secret (Hiveswap) by James Roach
The song that fulfills the same basic purpose as Advance but isn’t: Route 110 (Pokémon RSE) by Junichi Masuda
Ace’s Theme: Cooltrainer Encounter (Pokémon RSE) by Junichi Masuda
The silly song: Toad Town (Paper Mario) by Yuka Tsujiyoko
Military music: Tower of Fate (Ys III) by Mieko Ishikawa
That one that plays in a lot of villages: Surrounded Sea (PMD-Explorers) by Arata Iiyoshi and Hideki Sakamoto
The song that plays when Laz-Riya, Vera and Reohnjold show up: Anything Goes For Leblanc! (FFX-2) by Noriko Matsueda and Takahito Eguchi

7743 for making FEBuilder, and several patches including the changechaptersongdynamic and fix CG fade glitch patches
Klokinator, Azula, Jey_the_Count, Lobstorgi and Vale the Violent Mote for maintaining the Graphics/Music Repo’s
Sme for the magic sword rework, Split promotion patch, and the music insertion guide
Scraiza for their small text patch
Agro/Bendor for the 16 tracks 12 sounds patch
Circleseverywhere for the Casual mode patch, and Hypergammaspaces, Vesly and 7743’s additions to said patch
Circleseverwyhere for the Skillsys, Convert chapter titles to text patch, Actions after talk/support, and other patches
The FEU Community for general technical support


Because why not make one?

Have fun!


Just started playing this, and I can already tell I’m going to like this character, haha : P Love that she’s an elf too, I don’t see that a lot in FE hacks.

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Congrats for the demo release ! The trailer looks very promising, I love the non-human designs for some of the characters

It’s one of the things I loved in Shining forces back in the days, that you end up with many characters that are far from humans, be it fantasy races, robots, or even weirder lol !


Loving the hack so far, I’m on chapter 2 and everything is very fun; my only question, is there a reward for saving green units at any point? Chapter 2 on Difficult mode seems near impossible to save any green unit, so making a reward for that chapter would be…kind of rough to obtain. Any tips on how to save them for a reward would be kinda nice too haha

Other than that, I think Laz-Riya needs a higher skill growth; the secret book on her join chapter is super nice, but 15 skill growth means she’s looking at only gaining about +5.5 skill at 20/20. Drake Rider with swords will likely help a whole lot, but her character seems to be built around axes, which already have a shaky hitrate.

For reference, Garcia in SS has a 40 growth in skill, and even Dozla, a crappy pre-promote with the same personal in Sacred Trilogy, has a 35% growth. She should have at least 30% imo

There is no reward for saving the chapter 2 green units, they’re mainly there to hold the bandits off for a bit. There are some green units in chapter 5 that will give you a reward for saving them, however.

As for Laz-Riya’s skill, her accuracy tends to get fixed by getting Intimidate at level 15 (-10 avoid to enemy units in 2 tiles), as all units in the hack get skills at said level. In hindsight I should’ve probably put that in the Readme about promotions, but units generally start with a personal skill, and then get skills at level 15 unpromoted, 5 promoted and 15 promoted, although there are some notable exceptions to this. I made her skill as low as it is on average to give Thalassa a better niche as the more accurate axe user to her faster/stronger one. Their dynamic was actually heavily inspired by the Geese/Gonzales dynamic from FE6!

Gave the game a try, currently I’m at chapter 4, here some of my though:

  • In terms of feeling, the game vibe make me thinks a lot of old 16-bits era jrpg (which make sense with the inspiration) both with the ost, the fantasy elements, and the writings, it’s lighthearted and make you wants to follow this little troup (with all their own personality). Abigail quickly step up and make me thinks a lot of those main character from those days, can’t wait to follow the future of the Revolution !
    And there was a lot of funny dialogue, be it between the main cast, or the bad guys.

Also, the presentation of the world was very useful to really understand how the world looks like, and even better with the closer looks on the kingdom in which you are. Congrats on that, that was very clever !

  • For the gameplay and game design itself, I really liked that there is already a good diversity of units (helped by the fantasy elements), like even the bandits you fight have already new units like the lizardmen. Also, I liked the little twist with Farah, on the classic trope of the Nabarl, I was ready to fight a sword(wo)man, and saw from the shadow a cavalier emerge, it was a surprise !

For the design of the early chapters, their are quite good at doing their job, my only suggestion would be to add a torch/torch staff to the shop in the middle of the chapter 2/3 village. You have a lot of opportunities to get money in the early game, and since the chapter 3 is a fog of war map, it could help to have the possibility to prepare more for that !

Anyway, all of that to say that I really like Shining Revolution, it made me quite nostalgic of Shining Forces while having it’s own identity ! I will be sure to play more of it this weekend, can’t wait to see more of your project :smile:


This is a sick project Dude!!!

Currently at chapter 3

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