[Fe8] Fire Emblem: S.S-Monster Mash! [v1.2.5] [A modified fe8 campaign, where you play as monster classes!] (TLCC mode Update [v1.2.2], Implementing The Bael Expansion soon, looking for partners to help out and chat with

Yeah actually anyone can use it, I tested it with Franz.

Quick question, is counter only supposed to activate when an enemy attacks you?

I think that’s the way the skill works yes. i think It can also activate if the enemy strikes you when you double?.

Is promoting a infected early a good thing? Because I promoted Colm as soon as I got the first Knight Crest. He still gains a good amount of exp so I think it’s fine.

honestly, no Idea, I kinda just ditched colm after some time haha, He’s an early to mid game unit for me, but I am planning to give his class’s weapon buffs in the next patch.

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Just a Heads up guys, I’m planning to release a new patch soon, just need to test out the changes and make sure they work. for returning players, I’ll include a .sav file at the route split so you don’t have to playthrough the early maps over again if you don’t want to

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Are you going to be tweaking enemy stats and placement and stuff? I feel like the games been really easy even on hard since we have more to work with because of the monster units and items. I’m pretty much not worried about ever losing anybody and My units are snowballing. Maybe it gets harder further down the road but as of chapter 14 it’s been a cakewalk.

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really? dang, maybe I just didn’t get good levels then. Or maybe it’s because ephraim’s route which I playtested is just harder? what route did you playthrough?. also on the new patch. as of now, no balance changes yet. It’s more items and palettes and stuff.
On the Balancing though, since I am trying to replicate FE8 and it is easy relatively, I need to ask. Is your experience like “Fun” easy or “shut off my brain” easy?

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I guess I have been getting some good level ups and since you stated you’d been through ephraim route I went ahead and went into eirikas route. It’s definitely a fun easy, I’d still say I have to plan but because I’ve just played through so much it is naturally gonna be a tad easier even on hard mode. So don’t worry about it being not fun because it’s easy. It’s honestly welcomed since I’ve come from a few hacks where they are just beat down hard and exhausting.

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ahh, good then, I do intent it to be “fun” easy and experimental. Although I definitely will consider making balance changes later to make it a tad more difficult. Great to hear it’s engaging!!

Make discord, I found so many bug, like Neimi didn’t get any extra stat after promote and her skills changed

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sorry to hear that, I just realized the promotion problem for the wight sniper class was not implemented and have fixed it in the newest patch. what are some of the other bugs you’ve encountered?

I will definitely fix them in a smaller bug fix patch if those problems are not fixed with the latest patch

To those who have played the last patch or is currently starting the current patch. what do you think of the classes present in the hack? which is the most interesting? least interesting? fun to play with vs unfun to play with?. Any ideas for class weapons or changes that could make a class more interesting or unique?

I’ve also made small non combat changes in two classes, Just for extra taste. Have you figured out what they are? I’ll give you a hint, the first one involves Fog and the other movement

FE8 - SS Monster Mash_1645211145882
You should add more her max stats because after promote she already cap her speed

FE8 - SS Monster Mash_1645211324245
Joshua max stats after promote not increased both class

FE8 - SS Monster Mash_1645210948904
Why is Arthur has very high strength?

I was thinking of the same thing lol. He should have access to a mixed class.

I think the vanilla monster classes have the vanilla caps.

The bar makes it seem like it didn’t increase but it actually did. It’s just the way it is displayed.

I like the new classes. I just wonder why the Fire Spirit and Light Spirit classes have an E rank in dark magic since there’s no E rank dark tome (Flux is D rank).

originally I had plans to make them promo to gorgon. Gorgon doesn’t have access to staves. The way promotion animation works is that you need to have the same usable weapons in both before and after promo, hence the kinda useless dark rank. since the gorgon is now a shaman promo, i guess I just didn’t take the dark ranks out haha

noted, thanks for the report, I’ll fix the issues in the next patch, after more feedback from other players report their findings