[FE8] FIRE EMBLEM: Revitalized (Working title)

A romhack based on a D&D campaign I DMed a few years back. The story’s a little rough right now, as the writing hasn’t been the focus, but I plan to clean up the plot and the aesthetic in the future.

Right now, I’ve got two fully playable maps and I’m working to make this as professional as I can. One of my big goals with this project is to make the maps always a relevant part of each chapter. I plan to make them unique and interesting. Hopefully, I can pull that off. (Although it isn’t in this version of the hack, I plan to have all custom music too. My brother and I are musicians and we have been cooking some things up for this project.)

Anyway, I guess I’ll link the patch here. You should, like, play it or something.

…Please? For me?


  • Completely original maps designed around having a core feature that allows for multiple different solutions
  • An original cast of characters
  • Original music (not yet implemented)
  • D&D vibes and some differing fantasy races
  • A branching story where character deaths can alter the plot and the mental state of the other characters (read: branching dialogue and Grunther going berserk)
  • A different take on the traditional class system designed to create a unique feel
  • Unique sprites by King Koopa based on character designs by Allthatmatters (both of them still have yet to make a FEU account :expressionless:)
  • Varied win conditions
  • A route split between two main lords (not yet implemented)
  • Armor knights that don’t suck. (They might actually be the best class in the game-)
  • Lots of love from the creators

Anyway, thank you guys for trying it, if you do. I’m pretty terrified posting this… It’s been about a year of work so far, and I plan to keep going because I love working on it, more than I love playing the actual games. Crazy how that is, right?

Here’s a link to the discord, if you want it. Also, have some screenshots!


Characters, Story, Art & Sprites:

-Character Designs by SpottedHoneybee
-Portraits by King Koopa and Overlorddystroy/Vantageemblem
-Warchief Grunther by HumorousHomunculus
-Cross Demonata by NateTheHealer
-Aurum by Mr.Owl
-Morgran by TheKevinator64
-Other characters by Overlorddystroy/Vantageemblem
-Scenario by Overlorddystroy with help from TheKevinator64, Owl, HumorousHomunculus & NateTheHealer
-World by Overlorddystoy
-Maps by Overlorddystroy
-Thief by Eldritch Abomination
-Knight by Team Salvaged
-Hoodless Shaman by Temp, Shin19
-Recruit by Waleed
-Original Music by Celestial Rain (ft. DecepticonDirge)


-UnitActionRework by Stan
-Change to steal weapons and staff that are not equipped by aera
-Add blink to portrait image on status screen by Stan
-Stairs by Snakey1
-SOUND_NIMAP2(Native Instrument Map) by Alusq Native Instrument Map
-SOUND_NIMAP(Native Instrument Map) by circleseverywhere Native Instrument Map
-Skill SkillSystems 20200223 by Circleseverywhere, Monkeybard & Black Mage for most of the skill icons; Blaze for Stances skill icons, Tequila, Rossendale, StanH, Leonarth, Teraspark, sd9k, Kao, blademaster, Snakey1 for skills, Primefusion for the test map
-Clear opening area and turn it to rebuild area. by…
I… I don’t know. Please, somebody do tell me. I don’t want anyone to be uncredited
-NarrowFont by Scraiza Scraiza's Crazy ASM
-Change to have multiple units that can call supply 20200302(Install) by 7743
-Exceed The Portrait Hackbox By 4 Tiles by source:tiki [FE7] Exceed the Portrait Hackbox Compatability:aera
-Display All 8 Weapon Ranks by Kirb
-Skip World Map Fix 20190505 by Stan
-Magic Sword Rework(Installer) by Sme Sme's ASM and Miscellany
-LeaderAIFix by stan
-Deny Deployment From Preparations Installer by aera, 7743 FE8 kesseki patch
-Improved Sound Mixer by ipatix Improved Sound Mixer, by ipatix
-HPBars_simple by Circles and Zane
-HPBars_with_warnings Cache by Circles with additions by Tequila
-HPBars_with_warnings by Circles
-fix_lz77decompress by Tequila
-Melee And Magic Menu Fix by Source:Hextator,Tequila Port:7743
-FEditorMagicCSASystem_FE8U by Hextor
-Anti-Huffman by Source:Hextator Compatability:7743
-01command_hack by Source:Hextator Compatability:7743
-Rogue Robbery by Tequila
-Attack and capture enemies with reduced speed like FE5(Tequila Version) by Tequila Teq's Minor Assembly Shenanigans
-FE8-Battle Stats with Anims Off by Tequila Teq's Minor Assembly Shenanigans
-ExModularSave by Stan https://github.com/FireEmblemUniverse/SkillSystem_FE8/tree/master/Engine%20Hacks/ExpandedModularSave
-AddEvent: Set Unit Status by 7743
-AddEvent: Get Unit Status by 7743
-Add Event Condition: Support Check by Source:Kaito Port:7743
-Display Escape menu by 7743
-Remove Enemy Control Glitch by Source:Brendor Compatability:7743 Enemy Control Glitch Fixes
-Limit Weapon Rank Display by jjl2357, Blademaster, Hextator, Tequila [FE7,FE8] Display all weapon ranks your character has
-Map Danger Zone (Select: Toggle) by circleseverywhere
-Actions After Talk (Contemporary Style) by Source:circleseverywhere Compatability:7743 Contemporary FE style talk and support commands
-Actions After Support (Contemporary Style) by Source:circleseverywhere Compatability:7743 Contemporary FE style talk and support commands
-Convert Chapter Titles to Text by circleseverywhere
-Switch Portrait images by class, chapter, flag.(Installer) @FE8U by 7743
-Fix CG Fade Glitch by Source:…Again, I don’t know Port:7743
-CasualMode(Ver:GameOption) by Source:7743 Orignal:circleseverywhere
-CasualMode(Ver Flag 0xB0) by circleseverywhere
-Boss Animation ON by Source:aera Transport:7743
-Berserk Unit Battle Animation by laqieer
-Switch:Animation on / off with L button by aera
-256 Color Title Background Installer by Leonarth [FE8] (and maybe FE7) Leonarth's ASM thingies
-16_tracks_12_sounds by Source:16 Tracks/12 Sounds Fix (credit Agro/Brendor) [FE7/FE8] 16 tracks/12 sounds patch
-AddEvent: ChangeChapterObjective by Zeta / Rewrite:7743 Zeta's ASM/C Spellbook

(Wow. That was a lot.)

Other Thank Yous:

-Allthatmatters for keeping me sane
-SME for his guide to inserting custom music. (Seriously, it changed my world)
-The folks in the FEU discord who are always so helpful and kind, specifically Shuusuke
-7743 for making everything possible with tools like FEbuilder and such
-Circleseverywhere and Hypergammaspaces for inspiring me to do this with their hacks Dust to Dust and Sacred Echoes respectively
-The OG revitalized crew, TheKevinator64, Owl, HumorousHomunculus & NathanDemonata

Original Game: By Intelligent Systems

(Goodness me, I hope I credited everyone correctly.)


Neat. I debated on basing my own hack on a Pathfinder campaign that spanned over 3 years, ended up ditching the idea when I couldn’t find any animations that would work for the non-medium sized races.

Neat. I’ve made a few tracks for my project and a bunch of others, I would suggest familiarizing yourself with the Native Instrument Map and the sample notes used for each instrument (rule of thumb, straying too far from them will result in jank).

NIMAP Info Found Here

Kudos for adding screenshots and credits right off the bat. If you’re open to suggestions I’d suggest including an ‘elevator pitch’ in the OP where you list off some of the selling points of your project so people are more informed about the project before diving in. The more you give, the more likely people will play/join the discord.

I hope this was helpful, happy hacking!

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That’s an excellent idea! I think I will go ahead and do that. Literally all of that.

Thank you!

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Oh hey, we made it to FEE3!

A big thank you to everyone who made this possible, specifically to the FEE3 team, Attila, the Revitalized Team, and those who supported the hack so far. You guys are the bee’s knees!


I remembered someone,
Ricardo!! Is that u?

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Grunther is Green Ricardo, isn’t he-

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