[FE8] Fire Emblem: Legends of Avenir

Hey those are my glitches! Get your own, buddy. :upside_down_face:
Seriously though, that’s an oof. Will be fixed by FEE3.

That class is indeed Tier 2 and has the Nomad Trooper animation, but “Nomad Trooper” doesn’t really fit iirc. That animation is a placeholder, and a different animation will be used when we have a custom one chosen. Each Tact promotion class has a unique animation.

And wow you got super defense screwed… and luck as well. I’ve seen much better F Merc Tacts.

Not my fault. That’s why better bases than growths

I prefer Heroines than that but it’s your calls.

Hey guys! In light of our approaching FEE3 recording next weekend, we figured it was a good time (especially with the Q&A meme having died down) to see if anyone had any questions for us for our recording! These can be regarding development, future plans, current plans, or even discussion topics for us to talk about while we record. We’re cool with pretty much anything so long as its appropriate.

Ask away! We’re really excited about FEE3 this year and definitely want to answer any questions anyone may have!


Thanks for reminding me, I have to remake my QnA thread.

As for an actual question, what are you and snakey’s favorite hacks (that aren’t LoA)?


As developers who are making a hack of atypical structure, how do you two feel about more typical, linear Fire Emblem story and gameplay? Pros and cons? Do you wish the series had more choices that actually matter, like Avenir?


Which path (Mercenary, Military, Magic) is your favourite? Or even which specific route on a path?


If there was something you could go back and do differently in the development of LoA, what would it be, and why?


What ASM for this hack in particular are you most proud of, knowing Snakey is very big on ASM?


How did you ultimately settle on the structure of the hack and the concept of route splits as the core of the game?


Hello, FEU!

After a very long time without a patch update, we are proud to present our latest patch. In lieu of FEE3 this year…

It’s long we know.
Thank you to everyone who tuned in for the premiere, and thank you for all the kind words and feedback as well!

First and foremost: Say hello to our newest route:
Don’t wanna pass the promotion off to Jasper? No problem! Go on a completely different journey from declining the promotion with 6 brand new chapters.
EDIT: Be sure you escape in chapter 3! The route for killing the boss does not exist.

We've come a very long way since last year with so much new stuff!

Updated Derek thanks to @Zmr

Sylvaine thanks to Atey (Sponsored by @Bartz )

Zaheva (new character in the new route) thanks to Atey (Sponsored by @Bartz )

Remus and Madeleine (new characters, right and far right) thanks to @Levin64

Efil thanks to @Levin64

Weston (Mercenary 3 Assassin boss) thanks to Vlak
Thank you so much to all of our spriters for their hard work! :heart:

Many new custom battle animations!

Fully integrated Strengh/Magic Split and Skill System updates!

So many fully written supports!

More base supports as well.

Thank you to @Pikmin1211 for many new palettes!

We’re going a little overboard with custom music (with custom music inclusion in the other 2 military routes) with more on its way…
Shoutouts to @A_Reliable_Chair for writing the custom title theme and @GNAEVS_ACCVSATOR and ThunderPheonix for some other custom themes!

(Not to mention a plethora of bugfixes from the old routes. You should be able to actually go to Mercenary/Cesaria and Mercenary/Arcanae now.) We plan on more frequent hotfixes and updates to remedy oofs like that in the future.

Hop on our Discord server if you’d like to join the team, play a patch with debug features, or just keep an eye on things.

This has been open source since forever, but I’ve never linked this here.

May as well now. Feel free to reference it to your heart’s desire to see how I make things work.
If you’re wondering whether something is f2u or don’t know how something works, don’t hesitate to ask.

New public patch:


(Updated in the OP as well)

A huge thank you to everyone in this wonderful community. To everyone who has contributed, made cool animations, hacks, and any other resources, helped me figure things out, playtested, had kind words, or even just had interest, thank you. Without this amazing community, none of this could be possible.

Please report bugs though Discord or through DMs (there are likely a lot), and I’ll be a lot better about releasing fixes quicker. Enjoy!


What a wonderful and informative post. Thank you, and congrats on the release!

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Made the first of many hotfixes. Promotion item usability is no longer broken, and the description of AxeFaith is now fixed.
Sorry about that, and thanks to the playtesters who caught those!


I got a bug in the raid the village chapter 1 of the mercenary route any time i try to use an item with the unit holding the hero crest the emulator restarts (VGA emulator)!

I believe that should be fixed with yesterday’s hotfix. Please redownload the patch (and be sure to restart the chapter if you’re on an old .sav file).
Sorry about that.

military->knight->chapter 3 where i can escape or kill boss…after killing boss chapter didnt finish so i had to escape…

The event for killing the boss was intentionally disabled because that route is not finished yet. We’re showing off the route where you escape.

The game crash with promotion item as hero crest is normal ???

Should be fixed