[FE8] Fire Emblem - Incursion

This is a fully pledged hack of FE8 I’ve been working on and will be saved in this thread. This hack will be focused more on gameplay other than story telling.

Story Synopsis:
Set in the year 1442 on the continent of Yggdra. The house of Norland, Marquess Troy has attacked 3 neighboring nations in order to search for the ancient weapons that grant the power of the gods. The 3 nations Magdona, Argeline and Barthara we’re dismayed from Marquess Troy’s sudden motivations that forms a huge coalition world war to prevent Norland from dominating the world. However, Dalr and Equisse on the other hand was able to compete against Norland on who’s going to obtain power first making everything much more chaotic than it was. The freshly young 19 year old heiress, Artemis Artoria was in charge of ruling Veronica and participated in the coalition war with her mission to seal the weapons and stop these power hungry rulers. In order to stop them she must build a battalion force to help her fight through the huge cataclysmic battle of the world.

Features and goals:

  • up to 30 chapters long
  • 50+ playable characters
  • skills
  • new weapons and items
  • new costum classes
  • large maps
  • moving bosses
  • new gimmicks
  • no monster classes
  • thracia trading
  • super canto
  • super steal
  • infinite warping
  • FE11 movement



Sounds like a decent concept, other than “large maps”. We don’t like that here.

What are some examples of your new gimmicks?

I like large maps tbh. Kaga blocks though, I’m not such a huge fan

this will be fun

Map gimmicks, some kind of puzzly gimmicks like from fates. Examples are tile interactions or contraptions from other rpgs to be able to like open doors, bridges or some kind of a trap. These are going to be used only for gaidens or some chapters.

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