[FE8] Fire Emblem: Embers Entwined | 21 Chapters [COMPLETE]

1.0.4 time.

  • Fixed the leif ending
  • A character now has his hooded portrait in all appropriate scenes
  • A bunch of palettes fixed, namely deesa, gru, randolf, gaern, kiana, etc
  • A late game unit has had his stats adjusted
  • A “bunch of coltrane fixes”
  • changed serah’s description
  • checking eustace’s and a boss’s stats in ch 18 now tells you they have a convo.
  • Fixed a small issue in 19 and gave the cutscene map its proper palette
  • Serah has a new portrait
  • changed Serah’s ending to make more sense considering her age
  • Ryland and Phileas’ join convos now have a funky tune playing in the BG!
  • Fixed issue where Forben would recite your home address if you tried to fight him in chapter 1 under certain circumstances

Looks great, love the weapons.

An update for the tierlist will come later today, featuring some new additions…

Quick little update, some story revisions for chapter 10/14 that should hopefully make it easier to follow the plot going into the midgame.


I like it, very good.

I heard about EE occasionally before its release, and it interested me, mostly due to it being a telephone project that I wasn’t involved in whatsoever. So when it released after the FEE3 showcase, I picked it up immediately and played through it pretty quickly. Although I was initially drafting up a feedback post that was more detailed, going into specific thoughts on each chapter and its units, that was a bit of a chore, so instead, I figured that it would make more sense to share feedback in a more general form. Overall, I enjoyed the hack a great deal and would recommend it, especially to anyone interested in seeing what more modern community projects have in store.


At times, EE being a telephone is plain to see; different writing and formatting styles can and do contrast harshly at times, and a character can read one way in one chapter but a different way in the next. That being said, there was clearly a strong focus on writing from some chapter contributors. There were the occasional telephone “filler episodes”, but generally, the plot progressed at a good pace once it got past the early game. Some notable highlight chapters for me story-wise were 3, 10, 13, and 15. The story does get a little bit insane, especially with the heavy usage of resurrection bringing back characters who had long outlived their welcome, but it ended strong and cohesive with the climb up the tower for endgame, with the towers having some slick eventing to make it cooler than it would’ve otherwise been.

For main characters, Diego, Erina, and Forben were probably the most compelling. There are a few other units that show up often enough, but I can’t say their appearances left a strong impact (Rumina being shady for no reason save a sequel hook was funny, though). Petra, in my opinion, mostly suffered from a lack of early focus beyond just being the leader, and although she did get her own personal connection to the plot later with her father’s resurrection, it felt a bit too late for me to care much about it. She was fine overall but didn’t feel as well-developed as some other mainstays, which is a bit rough for a lord. As for antagonists, I was most partial to Cassius, the main villain for the majority of the story, and Forben, even though his betrayal was more of a matter of when, not if. Flavius does very little to actually oppose you, but his and Diego’s duel in E-4 is a very cool set-piece.

Overall, I would liken the plot (and EE in general) to a rollercoaster; while there are some notable lows, there are also some very high highs. Despite any inconsistencies, it’s a fun ride overall, and I enjoyed seeing how characters developed and changed from the initial introductions.


Similar to what I said in the Story section, telephone will of course end up with some inconsistency, and gameplay is no different. I mostly found that it coincided with gameplay; if I enjoyed a chapter’s story, I was also fairly likely to enjoy its gameplay. For this reason, I felt that the earlygame had more chapters that were a miss for me than the mid-lategame. The general feel of the game was similar to CotA in its FE8 adjacency, but the new classes added and generally better enemy quality made it feel more unique. Particular standouts in gameplay were 6, due to the cool riddles and side objectives encouraging proactive play, and E-1, which had a cool atmosphere along with the cliffs for fliers and Jeff to make use of. The lategame did feel as if it spiked in difficulty, with some unit combat falling off, but there were enough tools there to take advantage of.

Endgame Units

As your lord (technically), it’s good that Petra is a pretty solid one. I wouldn’t say she was that impressive early, though the 6 move unpromoted is nice, but the Hessus is nice sometimes along with her fairly consistent ORKOing once she gets rolling. She dips a bit until promotion and her second Prf, but once she has those, she’s pretty much your best combat unit probably? If I have any complaint, it’s that her promotion felt a bit boring as she’s basically just a Super Berserker.
My Diego seemed a little blessed early, essentially being a better Datura by the time she showed up. Similar to Petra, his combat was quite good unpromoted, but promotion and his second prf just made him even better. In particular, he gains much better 1-2 range than Petra has, along with Luna access which is nice. His combat stayed strong throughout, along with his ability to tank any magic thrown at him (which is much more useful here than in vanilla).
Erina is a pretty interesting unit, in the sense that her main downside (poor Pow) isn’t really a problem for a lot of the game as she just heals. A bulky and fairly fast troub is a strong unit, unsurprisingly, and that she gets 3 Prfs to shore up her weaknesses (joining the club with Petra and Diego) along with a second, very sudden promotion reduces most of the downside that she would’ve otherwise had. A mainstay in the party (except when she and Diego were taken away :angry:)
Liam is… kinda busted? Mine was definitely blessed, so he ORKO’d a lot more early than he probably should’ve been able to, and I bought enough Luna in Chapter 4 to last him the whole game. Even if he wasn’t doing this though, I still think he’d be a top tier unit. He even sort of serves as a Gotoh with the endgame promotion, giving him absurd utility and stats (S Staves and what you can see here). Probably the #1 investment unit in the game, outside of maybe the lords.
Deesa was a close second for me, though. Perfect availability on a flier will do that, and despite the typical pegasus lack of strength, she actually has quite a bit. Her reaver Prf helps a lot in ORKOing some otherwise annoying enemies for her, and although her combat became less important as the game went on (due to lack of good i.e. magic 1-2 range), she was pretty vital in the early and midgame.
Terry kinda refused to hit Speed while unpromoted, but he capped Str pretty early. I never really used his bows, on account of E Rank being pretty useless, but he was my second best axe user for a while (until Baal and Gruyere leveled up enough to surpass him). An on-average Terry probably would be better than them, though, and Terry is likely the best user of the Profaned Heart.
Grunhilde is insanely strong, but not really in the combat sense. She can get some stuff done with Fiendish Bow for sure, but more importantly, she’s a bulky healer with very high staff range and strong heals. This is pretty useful in a few regards, mostly with Physic, Sleep, and Warp, the last being the most important. Her role is taken over a bit by Liam towards the endgame, but she can still do some things with status staves or Rescue. Basically, all of the Chapter 2 units are absurd, and over half the Chapter 1 units are also :sweat_smile:.
Speaking of absurd, here’s Enoch. Like some other units, I wouldn’t say he stays like that all the way through endgame, but at base, he just had ridiculous combat that no other unit could really match. His lack of Res isn’t much of a detriment until much later, so he kinda just rips through the game for a bit until magic users become more common. Having good Str/Def/Spd will do that, I guess.
Jeff was pretty solid, contributing decently for quite a while with a good Prf to encourage use. He leaves a good first impression, and although mountain walking isn’t as important on some maps, he benefits significantly on a few other maps after his join. A very versatile unit overall.
Chayse is probably the best bow user in the game, I would say. Riptide gives her a niche early in beating up powerful mage bosses or just OHKOing a generic one, but she did feel as if she fell off a bit as time went on and her chip was less valuable. Once she promotes and gets access to Arbalest+ through the 15 secret shop, she becomes the best PP delete button that you have with 3-7 range Luna and high offensive stats. Definitely bailed me out on a few of the tougher turns in lategame.
Old man trainee is a tried and true telephone classic, and Gruyere is no different. Although I had to hack in some promo bonuses, it just felt right to make him a Halberdier. Was he worth the effort? Probably not, but he sure was funny and did work in the lategame.
Baal is basically a worse Petra, but that’s not a terrible thing to be, really. His notably higher Con gives him some justification, and he takes good advantage of the S rank axe he comes with. He also doesn’t take long to get up to speed, so he’s probably worth training generally if you have an open slot. Ended up as solid filler for me later on.
Don’t have a ton to say on these two since they joined so late, but Eustace’s summoning was extremely useful along with his staffing. S also was a surprisingly good mixed tank with great 1-2 range (one I got killed for playing too aggressively in Phase 3 of Endgame and refused to reset such a long map for. Sorry, Stewart.)
Some other mentions include: Swyftpawe, who I tried to use despite how poorly she leveled; Rumina, who took her thieving niche while also having actual good combat for a bit and flight; and Turner, who I did use for a while until he was too stat-screwed to consider.

Tier List

Not particularly reasoned or thought out, mostly based on my impressions from the run. Some units that are high up are also ones I didn’t use and just guessed that they would be around that good, partially based on availability.

Response to your thoughts on my units

I think you are the first human being I’ve seen who has given Chayse and Turner a chance!
I’m glad to see that you thought Chayse was the best bow unit!
But Serah does not belong in D in my opinion, she has S bows at base so she can have 24 attack speed at base, which is more than enough to double quite a few enemies and possible ORKO them.
I really have nothing to say about your judgement on my other units as their viability really depends on whether you trained the other units in their classes.

Thanks for sharing your feedback!

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Hi is there something wrong with my file?? In the first chapter i tried to escape but all the units remain on the map even after their escape monologue.

Hmmm, I just tested this myself and the event appears to work perfectly. What emulator are you using?

Sad to see you deleted your tierlist, we always love to hear other people’s thoughts on our units!

Im on Ch15 and enjoying this game, please tell me wherebis the secret shops or are there hints?

After a little pause to play Tactics Ogre Reborn, I finally took the time to finish Embers Entwined ! In general, I really enjoyed the adventure and it was quite fun to see the different visions at play in the game (both in terms of storytelling and in level/characters design)
Also, love the diversity of the OST, it really add to the game: like Mystic Quest OST for some boss fights <3


In terms of narration, the game stay coherent enough and enjoyable despite the different visions that went in the making of the game, I would even say that it give it a unique charms, especially when it goes well with gamedesign aspects.

Like it was heartbreaking to see my fallen comrades coming back from the deads in the endgame X, and having to put them to rest :cry:
Fire Emblem - Embers Entwined 06
Fire Emblem - Embers Entwined 08

The only point that confused me regarding the story is the question of Erina secret in the lategame, when she reveal to the player that she is a Princess of the Malus Empire I though that everyone in the team then know after that that she is a princess, especially Diego, but it stay a big subject of revelation, which confused me a bit in later chapter (but it’s maybe also because I had a big break before the lategame)

Gameplay and level design

Firstly, I loved to see units with unique mechanics ! Like Forben Necromancy or Rumina transformations, it added a lot and was quite interesting to take into account when playing !
I also liked a lot the moments where storytelling goes along very well with what you see ingame: like for most of the early game you are on the run (which goes with lot of your objectives being escape ones), and then around chapter 7, when you start to stop running, you have a different kinds of objective, that’s very cool. And when much later in Chapter 16 you have a new escape map, it feel like you have changed a lot since the early game !

Also the different visions that played into the making of the game give different kinds of level design, that really help to feel like you have new experience every few chapters !

My only grip is with the endgames chapters, like endgame 3 map feels too large in my opinion which can be frustrating since you have to run to the bosses on a map like that, with a lot of spawn, which is the best way to make frustrating mistake for a player.
Also the endgame in general feels a bit too long, which isn’t helped by the big spike in difficulty. Like, endgame X is very tedious because you have to do the whole chapters without checkpoint against very powerful enemy, it’s quite hard.

But that’s just some minor remarks, the game was still a very good ! And if I can give some suggestion regarding the endgame, I thinks it would be good to have an “interlude” sidechapter before the confrontation with Forben, where you can shop and grind a bit in a arena without having to worry about the timelimit or the enemies harassing you. Since you have a lot of units, and some like Rasmus that most player have probably benched before, it would help make their weaker units keep up with the final confrontation. Also I thinks it would be nice to have some more promotions items in the lategame, aside from the secret shop, which would help in case if you need to replace an unit or want to try other kinds of units (also I dunno if it intended but Jenna doesn’t have on her the item for trainee promotion unlike Gruyère)

Endgame team + some others

Fire Emblem - Embers Entwined team 01
It’s good to have a main lord that is as powerful as Petra, she was very good to breach enemy defensive positions, and could take quite a lot of hit
Fire Emblem - Embers Entwined team 02
As the second lord, Diego was also quite useful, and that’s very nice for two units that will nearly always be on the map. He was already a good sword-only unit before promotion, but his promotion into a mage-swordman was quite a surprise and a good combo for a lot of situation, and his unique weapon was very good to help him tank
Fire Emblem - Embers Entwined team 03
Erina in my game had quite bad stats because even though she was nearly always here I barely got her to level 10 in the lategame. But due to her role as a healer it wasn’t too bad, even though she was outclassed by many other staff-users
Fire Emblem - Embers Entwined team 04
Well not much to say about Flavius aside that he is a very good unit for a last chapter
Fire Emblem - Embers Entwined team 05
Rasmus was a good Jeigan, despite being an archer, and helped in a lot of early game situations. I only started to bench him when the rest of the team started to be above level 10 and he was less needed
Fire Emblem - Embers Entwined team 06
A nomad thief wasn’t something I expected but that clearly assured Torie a spot in the team ! And aside from this useful ability, she was a quite effective as a very mobile archer
Fire Emblem - Embers Entwined team 07
Strong dark-magic user that stayed until the end, Liam was quite useful as a glass-cannon and his second promotion only made him better at this role !
Fire Emblem - Embers Entwined team 08
When I first saw them I didn’t though I would use rely that much on them, but Amaran was very important part of the team all along the game. They always had a lot of crit bonus that was quite helpful to take down enemy, and other magics user couldn’t do much against them
Fire Emblem - Embers Entwined team 09
What can I say except that Chayse is a war machine? My favorite unit of the game, aside that I was quite blessed with her level up, she was a very strong mage killer (and her personal weapon was still murderous in the lategame) and even common enemies couldn’t do much against her be it with a bow or a blade !
Fire Emblem - Embers Entwined team 10
Turner was a bit of a surprise, originally I was more playing Terry, but there was one or two chapter where Turner was needed on it, and it was enough for Turner to have very good level up and made him shine ! Even though he was a bit fragile at the beginning he ended up as a decent frontline unit !
Fire Emblem - Embers Entwined team 11
Datura is your typical swordmaster, but she really do her job well, notably thanks to the good personals weapons that she get !
Fire Emblem - Embers Entwined team 12
Originally, I took Jeff to forgot my sorrow after the death of DeAndre in the chapter before Jeff apparition, but his uniqueness as an foot unit that don’t give a shit about terrain, his powerful personal weapon, and his bulkiness, made him a very important part of the team and one of my favorite unit !
Fire Emblem - Embers Entwined team 13
A speedy knight was quite a surprise, but that made enoch a very useful member of the team (especially after the terrible death of Grunhilde) ! Even though was still a big danger for him, he was a good mobile tank, that could even double most foes !
Fire Emblem - Embers Entwined team 14
I really like new gameplay mechanics, and the transformations of Rumina were a very fun one to play with ! Quite a unique and interesting twist on the rogue class
Fire Emblem - Embers Entwined team 15
Not much to say about Eustace aside that he mainly served as a replacement for Forben as a summoner
Fire Emblem - Embers Entwined team 16
To be honest, I took Coltrane in the latests endgame chapters because I coudn’t find a promotion item for gruyère lol. But he do his job very well as Manakete and was very useful in the Endgame
Fire Emblem - Embers Entwined team 17
Again, Tillie was more a filler for the endgame than anything else, but a bard is always a good !

then for some other units that I used or wanted to used:
Fire Emblem - Embers Entwined team left behind 01
Leif was a very good magic user in the early to midgame, and was of big use in the team ! But sadly I ended up benching him in favor of Forben due to the advantage of Necromancy. But still he deserve some place here !
Fire Emblem - Embers Entwined team left behind 02
Your average pegasus knight, despite her lack of strength Deesa was quite useful in the early to midgame (especially with her personal weapon) !
Fire Emblem - Embers Entwined team left behind 03
I hoped till the end to find a promotion item for Gruyère to make him the ultimate unit, but sadly I couldn’t find any. But well it was very fun to train this very unique trainee lol
Fire Emblem - Embers Entwined team left behind 04
As a daughter of DeAndre, I really wanted to use Jenna (and she seemed to have already good stats for a trainee) but sadly she come without a promotion item for trainee, dunno if it’s a bug or intended, and the only one I had was already long gone for gruyère :smiling_face_with_tear:

tier list

To explain a bit my ranking, S is for units that are very strong for different reasons, like Forben in himself isn’t a particularly strong magic user, but necromancy is a very useful tactical advantage.
Then in A tier I put very good units, or ones that at some points in the game play a very important role, like Ramus role as a Jagen is a lifesaver for a little half of the game, or DeAndre (but in this case it’s also favoritism) bulkiness is quite useful in early game where you have so much fragile units.
Then in B tier I put units that are good in their niche, not forcibly the best option in all situations but they have some uses and can also act as good new addition to the team in case of deaths
Then in C tier I put units that are clearly outclassed by other options that occupy similar roles
And then there is the characters that I didn’t used enough to judge.
The little red arrows made on paint is because I didn’t recognized Leif and the manakete so I though they were characters I missed lol


Just looking at Giliath’s stats in chapter 13- is it possible (mechanically or otherwise) to defeat him before he transforms?

Game complete! I think this is the first telephone hack I’ve played to completion. My thoughts below.


As a whole I really enjoyed the game! The only times I ran into difficulty in a chapter I was able to solve by just taking a breath and looking at things from a different angle.

As for units/characters… Some were definitely more memorable than others. The ending ‘where are they now’ reel definitely had a few characters that I had completely forgotten about (even though I did a no death run.) Diego and Petra were both good main characters, and their characterization seemed consistent from start to finish. Personally I prefer Diego as a character, even if Petra was the MVP of my run from start to finish. Diego was good, but he couldn’t match up to the Axe Girl herself. She PETRA-fies her enemies!

Embers Entwined

Other stellar units… I’m not posting pictures of the others, but the other powerhouses on my endgame team in addition to the lords were Chayse, Liam, and Grunhilde. Chayse was an excellent killing machine, and capped skill, speed, and luck, and was like 1 point away from capping strength and defense. Grunhilde had capped power, skill, and defense which made her an excellent healer. Her speed was terrible all the way through though, so I had to be careful leaving her around enemy mages.

As for other thoughts… I’m writing this at near midnight after marathoning Endgame 1-X (or whatever the final chapter was), so I might not remember everything.

Got a lot of good laughs out of the cosmic joke that was Georgio.

Was Siegried’s boss music the final map theme?! Sorry if that offends someone, but I don’t know the source game- the TLP final boss is the only other time I’ve heard that music (assuming I’m thinking of the write music in the first place.)

Got a laugh out of Kiana’s (female axe merc/hero miniboss) deathquote. That really summed up my thoughts about her. Not gonna lie, I have expected her to have a ‘where are they now’ ending since Georgio got one.

The plot DID get a little convoluted by the endgame- it felt kind of like each chapter there was a different FE-style main antagonist to go up against. Sort of like if I was playing a game where I went through, say, Ashnard, Nergal, Zephiel, etc… back to back. It did throw me off a bit that Cassius had all that build up just to get offed what felt like 60% of the way through the game. My personal thoughts are that I probably would’ve preferred seeing him remain as the ‘big bad’ from start to finish, OR Forben OR Marek to be the visible ‘big bad’ from the very beginning. Like, pick one villain and stick with them instead of discarding and drawing new ones like you’re playing Yugioh.

But don’t let that get to you- at the end of the day that’s just a minor gripe. If anyone needs it written out, I really enjoyed the game from start to finish, even if it did feel a little convoluted at times (hey, it’s a telephone hack so some inconsistency is to be expected.)

What matters is most is that I had fun the whole way through! Thanks to everyone who worked on this!


Who are the bottom three people in your tier list? I recognize Ryland, but I have no idea who the other three are. They aren’t on my team, and I have legit no idea who any of them are. I don’t think they ever appeared in my playthrough.

I thinks the tier list portraits are not updated, so some characters have different portraits from how they are now in the game ! So Leif and the Manakete have quite different portraits from how they ended looking (and if you watch closely some other characters don’t have their final portraits, or at least not polished ones)

Then there is enigma (the guy with a hood and a mask) that I only saw on another person final team and don’t know who he is


Its just Stewart lol.

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New patch just dropped :scream:

  • Added flags to the houses that didn’t have them.
  • Added end chapter event segments for ranger summon and high magus summon.
  • On ch 15 onward, general summon no longer spawns with a 2nd hoplon guard.
  • Memento and Finale reworked, memento now has mag/2 range and finale now gives a +5 pow boost but with -5 mt in exchange (there were bugs involving these items that we believe these changes should resolve).
  • Fixed issues regarding the halberdier summon character that would occur from chapters 15 onward
  • Added droppable master seals in chapters 17, E-1 and E-2.
  • Addressed reports of game crashes leaving players permanently trapped in twisted shadow realms beyond the ken of rational man. All reporters have been silenced; Thus are the reports addressed.
  • Fixed final chapter quotes issues.
  • Some units are no longer force deployed in the final chapter.

Uh, I guess nobody either used her or reported this but Jenna’s female Lance Solder animations don’t work. The fight starts but just hangs, the worst part is it isn’t consistently occuring.

Pretty sure you’re just the first person to make her a soldier