[FE8] Fire Emblem: Dawn Breaks (In Progress)

So I decided to open a cozy thread to share my little fan game.

:arrow_forward:The story here is a simple one:
On the continent ‘Flora’, people has been living in peace ever since the ancient war. However, with the evil dragon returning once again, that peace starts to fade away.Following destiny, our heroes go on a journey to fight evil and learn more about themselves.

(In short, a basic FE story)

34 chapters in total and I’m working on the first 7 chapters rn ( the first public patch I plan to release will include them). Since this is my first project, there’s gonna be a lot of challenges…(thinking face

:arrow_forward:Some screenshots
1 2 3 4

I’ll be updating my progress constantly in this thread

New here and I’m glad to meet everyone. Feel free to give feedback too^


Promising screenshots, good luck with the project! Welcome to the community.



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Welcome and good luck with your demo release!

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Its Bors’ long lost cousin!

In seriousness though welcome to the community, looking forward to it.

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Thank you for the welcomes! ;>

Anyways working on chapter 3 today
ehh.emulator.emulator.emulator.emulator-2 ehh.emulator.emulator.emulator.emulator-3

I changed the status screen a bit but
not sure if the colors are too light (I doubt my art skills


Looks like a nice project! The portraits in particular look gorgeous. I can’t wait to see more!

Small update:
I’ve just finished mapping for chapter 6 and 7 and that is the end of part 1.
Now I can finally move onto cutscenes ;>

bubbletea.emulator.emulator-1 bubbletea.emulator.emulator-2 bubbletea.emulator.emulator-6

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thank you!
lol i spent some time on portraits to make them lookable at least

Just an fyi, going by your images you’re missing the wall shadows and general shade tiles

true I have to fix it o.o

peachTea.emulator-5 peachTea.emulator-7

I’m working on editing the story so there’s not a lot to update
(Ophelia might not be a lord class in the actual game >.>


Looking good so far. :+1:t2:

Any idea when you’ll put out a playable demo? I’m interested in giving this a try.

It looks very promising