[FE8] Fire Emblem: Code of the Burger King (Main Campaign Complete!)

The game is complete right?

The full game is complete, but there’s some postgame maps left to be finished. Retina’s working on his other project currently, but he’s claimed he’ll get around to it at some point.


Thanks for this hack, i had fun with it!

  • Story was pretty much non stop Meme material wich was pretty funny and silly, also loved that centain Secret enemy char that shows up near the end game chapters and the music when he gets revealed!!!goosebumps!

  • Gameplay was the core of this hack, hard mode was really hard tbh felt like 1 difficulty above hard but i barely cleared it with pretty much almost evry1 dead lol, i also though i would have trouble with the stats being boosted running in 40s but it worked out pretty well.(Ricardo hehehe)

  • Missions were varied enough that i never got bored.

  • Fav Music: the theme of the secret enemy char at the end (ull know when u play this hack)

  • Fav Char: Ricardo!

Look forward to ur next hack!

Dear author, I really like the fun revision you made,
My friend wants to translate it into Chinese so that more Chinese players like it, would you allow it? Looking forward to your reply


I’m always happy to see people enjoying the hack, and I’d have no problems with it being translated.


Just got through it this was an awesome hack! great job Retina

Loved the music in this one and memes gameplay is awesome

Idk how I feel about weapons that cant break, I know its in main line games also but it always seemed off
Bigle is my favourite btw


Really loving the hack so far, but quick question: What does the flute given to you at the end of 11x do?


Just keep it on hand for now. iirc, if you have it, there will be a pretty telegraphed bit of text in a few chapters that will make its purpose quite evident.

Gotcha, thanks.

Follow-up question, is the lion band useless? It says it only works while at the top of your inventory, but weapons seem to equip over it

The lion band only will work on enemy phase, where weapons won’t equip over it.

is there any chance we can get a tierlist maker from this game? thanks

It exists already.

thanks i didnt search the abbreviation i love making these when i finish a game