[FE8] Fire Emblem: Cerberus v0.1.5


Cerberus is a romhack I started about a year ago, although I took a long break from it for a while. Rather than the usual larger scope of most FE stories, I went with a story more focused on a single character; the orphaned scion Pandora.

Some noteworthy features:

  • Pandora is joined by a phantom known as Batibat, who she can summon 3 times a chapter as a hard hitting mage that vanishes at the end of your turn.
  • Skills are absent, although there are several characters with exclusive features that make them unique from other units, such as the occultist characters.
  • Several hybrid strength and magic classes, however these are designed around a single power stat rather than a split.
  • A new type of enemy, monstrous foes have large defensive bonuses granted by their weapons. Their weapons have low durability, and after fighting a few times, will break and expose them to regular attacks.
  • Passive equipment exists as additional gear for your characters, and enemies. Each is an item that passively gives bonuses to the unit holding them, however most are balanced by an additional stat penalty as well to make them more interesting.
  • Several new classes, all with new custom animations


More details:


Far to the northwest, is a frozen land shunned by civilization, Allgrave.
Pandora fled her home as a child when her family was murdered by the nation of Krast. With only her trusted knight, Elvira, Pandora crossed the mountains into Allgrave, a harbour for those with no where else to go. All seemed fine as Pandora grew up, until one day a fated encounter reunited her with an imaginary friend lost with the rest of her old life…

New Classes

(this gif is so low quality sorry lmao)

One of the two base classes for the Fenran race, Mystics are a hybrid strength and anima magic class. Relying on their natural Fenran high speed and high luck, Mystics are hard to hit, and can double most enemies. What they gain in speed they lose in raw power however, and they rely on low resistance to take out enemies efficiently. Like all Fenran, Mystics move one tile further than other unmounted units, and can rely on their claws for physical damage. Mystics will promote into Savants, gaining staves. (Savants are not made yet)

The second base class for Fenran characters, Wardens wield bows instead of magic. Their stats are more rounded out than Mystics, having more bulk and more power to make up for the lack of magic. Speed and luck remain their standout stats. They too move an additional tile compared to unmounted units, and have access to Fenran claw weapons. Wardens will promote into Guardians, gaining increased movement and improved terrain traversal. (Guardians are not made yet)

The rank and file infantry of the Krastian army. Longsworders, surprisingly, are swordlocked units with rounded out stats. While this is mainly an enemy class, playable Longsworder characters will exist later in the hack. Longsworders will promote into Landsknechts, giving them lances in addition to swords. (Landsknechts are not made yet)

Dark mages studying ancient arts to unlock the secrets of anima magic that the Fenran use exclusively. Dark mages are another hybrid class, using both dark magic and axes. Occultists have varied stat distributions, although raw power is their standout stat. Due to their studies, each Occultist character has a unique magic ability that only they can use, complete with unique animations for each. Fidelis, the first playable Occultist, starts each chapter with a single use of her Luna axe. Once used, it’ll return to her inventory 4 turns later. Occultists will promote into Ritualists, unlocking anima magic. (Ritualists are not made yet)

More to come in the future


Pandora can use the summon command to call Batibat, who can fly and cast her signature spell, Extinguish. Batibat is invulnerable and vanishes at the end of the turn she was summoned, and can only be summoned three times a chapter. Any items she picks up are passed to the convoy.

Do do list:

  • Custom soundtrack
  • Custom menus and interface
  • Implement support convos
  • …Finish the rest of the chapters

v0.1.5 Update:

  • Remade and fine tuned Batibat’s eventing.
  • If you promoted a character in version 0.1.4 or older, you will need to make a new save.
    (sorry for the inconvenience)
Past Updates

v0.1.3 Update:

v0.1.4 Update:

  • Bug fixes (Thank you Krim!)
Download Link


  • Please be aware that due to one character in particular, this romhack has frequent explicit language.
  • Currently, there are eight playable chapters in the public release, one of them being a hidden gaiden chapter. The final version will have around 28 chapters.
  • The soundtrack is mostly vanilla FE8 for the time being.
  • This is a work in progress, so not all writing is final.
  • My portraits are not free to use.

Cerberus v01 5.ups - Google Drive


Cornontherob (Skull King)
Seal (Bael Queen, Skeleton Legion)

Item Icons
Indogutsu Tenbuki


Thanks for checking this out!


Cool stuff! Good luck with the project :slight_smile:


Summoning made very cool and nice work on the FEE3 production, really interested to see what this project has.


lmao I got Batibat jumpscared when I reset the game 10/10


ding ding


Final fantasy meet fire emblem added with summoning ability nice


gonna definitely try this out when i got the time!


Did she really just run away with a shiny new sword simply saying “sex”, absolutely iconic.


Finished the demo, really good. Don’t have an in-depth analysis or feedback really, noticed the odd typo and word out of place in dialogue and a graphical error with Pandora’s prf replacing the icon for the Vulnerary in the trade menu but other than that very polished. Looking forward to v0.2.


This is a good challenging chapter i am playing right now :blush:

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Just from an outside view, this looks really good. I’ll have to give the current demo a try, but look forward to this

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Hi! This work is really nice! Congratulations!

I’m enjoying a lot of things here:

Not gameplay related stuff

  • the graphical aspect,
  • how everyone isn’t a flashing bright color or has green or pink hair,
  • the maps (from an aesthetic point of view)
  • cutscenes
  • language of the protagonist
  • icons of special items/equipment

Gameplay related

  • the absence of skills and the use of equipment to differentiate units
  • the summon (and the cap at 3)
  • I’m not a pro player but I like the way you’re taking with maps and objectives

I think some QL could improve the experience a bit:

  • showing when a boss has 0 movement
  • health bars
  • Also enemy range with select or showing inventory on the “window” on the map could help

The difficulty could be increased a bit, I always got all the chest and killed the hero with boots and the wyvern general in the chapter before entering the ruins.
The mystic class is overpowered (and I like Lorelei very much) is a dodge tank and can 2Hko knights, she can keep occupied a lot of enemies and in this way she can gain a lots of level.

This is after the first underground chapter

Other things to note:
Cutscenes with snow and maps without
Protagonist taking the place of the boss in death quotes
Killed enemy general stays in cutscenes
Icon bugs someone else already mentioned


I’m not English and I doubt I’m good at writing/talking (let me know if I made some mistake) but this post is an appreciation of your work, is funny playing it and I like it.

I hope the gravekeeper girl will get something unique because her staff and bell looks promising! Dling dling! This dling can kill zombies!


All righty, I’ve finished the demo! I really enjoyed it and I’m excited to see where the story goes, though I have a few minor criticisms, some of which were addressed above.

Firstly, the final chapter of the demo is listed as a seize map, but is actually a kill boss map.

Secondly, Lorelei faces a sizeable chance of death on her join map turn 1 unless you send Loran in and have him bait somebody at 1 range with a bow equipped, which isn’t great.

Still, apart from some bugs here and there, I enjoyed this quite a lot and I hope you will update it soon!

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Just completed last night its truly a entertaining game i hope it continues from chapter 7+ its get very exciting too in the storyline

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Just finished the demo and I had a good time. I’ll list my main thoughts starting from the first map. I liked that the Jagen has supports already built with the other characters, that’s pretty cool. I would buff the chapter 1 hero boss because with how easy it was to defeat him I actually felt guilty using the stat booster which isn’t a good thing. In chapter 2 I like the general idea of the chapter though the bottom section could be made a bit better. What I did was I was able to clog the enemies in a choke-point with the two mounts and was able to break away the turn after which was fun to pull off. The third chapter with the dark mage boss I don’t really have any special thoughts on, I cleared it pretty quickly and it didn’t leave much of an impression. I liked chapter 4 having fog without a torch, it incentivized me to use the summoning mechanic in different ways like revealing fog with Batibat. I can definitely see other people getting surprised though as the enemies can two shot your squishies I find. Chapter 5 is kinda weird, I liked it but the mid map objective change I didn’t really care for as I went from a position to try killing the bosses to having to run away. I knew going in that the bosses would be probably too strong to kill but the droppable item on the wyvern boss really mislead me. Chapters 6 and 7 are quick seizes that I had fun with. I noticed that the gimmick in chapter 6 was also in 7 but I couldn’t find what the purpose of the switches were there. Chapter 8 I played through quickly so I do not have much to say about it besides the boss. I like the idea of having to attack them to break their weapon but I would suggest giving them a regular weapon to use after it breaks. Doesn’t need to be fancy or anything, an iron weapon probably works. I just think getting attacked on EP + 2 attacks on PP to render the boss unarmed is too strong. One minor thing I would maybe look into is also adding a swordreaver somewhere. The fighter girl is really going through it against all the enemy sword fighters in this hack lol. Sorry for how long and kinda rambly this all was. Good luck and I’m looking forward to future updates!


Thank you all for playing and for your feedback!

Posting an update to let you know what I’ve been working on.



Ceberus has a custom status screen and a new minimug box! I messed with Zane’s modular box a bit to make it as compact as possible. Other QoL things like enemy danger zone have been implemented as well.

Currently working on unit balancing and other UI changes. I generally overestimated the game’s difficulty so I’ve been fixing some pushover enemies as well as reworking some maps slightly.

Once I spruce up the existing chapters and the remaining menus, I’ll release an updated patch for everyone, it should be out next week.

Thanks again for all the feedback, and those of you in discord that help with all my FEB issues lol.


Really enjoyed this! Streamed this to some friends of mine and we were all super charmed (you’ve done a good job focusing on Pandora as a character, we’re all entertained by her pretty well and wanna see how she develops!)
The modular stat items are fun! Good way to shore up relevant stats for specific thresholds, I had a good time trading them around and thinking about what benchmarks I hit/don’t hit with them at the start of maps. Pandora also having absurd combat but little bulk to back it up is fun, your lord is strong and can do good combat but can’t do it for a prolonged amount of time, maps can’t just be swept by her and I like that.

Gameplay wise, I think my biggest complaint was the lack of an antitoxin/torch before maps with fog/poison? They’re still very playable without them (and I commend your work there) but there is something to be said about that convenience. I’m content either way though, because even without them it didn’t feel like I ever got cheap tricked out of stuff.

There’s a few small spelling/grammar errors here and there I noticed, mostly in the earlier chapters that could use cleaning up but the dialogue elsewhere I was a big fan of!

Wanna shoutout my Lorelei here who I don’t think gained a single pwr over her base; the fact she still did some meaningful combat was nice.

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I expected a lot more profanity then what I saw. it is rather light on the strong language imo. I expected a lot worse and came out pleasantly surprised. Gameplay is a lot of fun too. Even tho I didnt use the Batibat much, Batibat feels a bit overpowered imo. I will put this project on my list of wips in progress on my list to keep an eye as well.

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I love your fire emblem game hack it’s very playable too :blush:

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Just finished the demo - this was a lot of fun!

There’s a production quality here that most hacks are missing. Little touches like the special Pandora portrait really goes a long way. I’m excited to see what’s next.

There are some typos and grammatical weirdness (in Batibat’s first conversation with Pandora she says “my memory is haze” instead of “my memory is hazy”) but the characters are engaging and I’m excited to see what’s next.

The difficulty is a bit on the easy side. I know a lot of people have already said this, so I won’t harp on the point, but having a hard mode or just more stats on enemies could make the game a lot more interesting.

Anyway, I had a good time and am looking forward to the next release.