[FE8] Fire Emblem: Ballad of the Bard (13/? Chapters)

Scrazia asm-2

Welcome to Ballad of The Bard!

Ballad of the Bard(train) is my love letter to FE6 and Elibe. It is a custom tale, which has the main goal of trying to explore more of Elibe from another perspective and getting more of the world and cast involved.

The Binding Blade is a game that I firmly believe has one of the best and richest casts and world in the series locked behind the ahem rough first attempt at the support mechanics.

This hack includes

  • Perfect availability Bard and Dancers with the entire game designed around the utility and flexibility that having near infinite actions can grant
  • Attempting to evoke an authentic FE6 feeling in OST and UI when possible but not forsaking modern QoL (and major buff to hit rates)
  • Uses a majority of Project Ember’s Art Assets
  • One fixed difficulty, with an emphasis on fairness without feeling like a puzzle
Screenshots and Features

World map events using the Elibe map

Some wonderful FE6 remixes by Archerbias

Misc Mechanical Details
  • Wait Refresh Mechanics for Dancers/Bards to speed up “bardtraining”
  • Consumable DSFE map saves
  • Thracia Trade
  • Crit = [Skill stat - 10]
  • Removed FE8 early game exp boost
  • Enabled growths to be viewed with select
  • Enemy display ranges with select
  • Removed variance in enemy autolevels
  • And more listed in the guide

KrashBoomBang for always being there for playing builds, helping with builder, or just giving constructive feedback 24/7.

JelliedUnicorns for letting me bother her 24/7 about my progress and complaints about FEbuilder

Project Ember Team for the creation of public assets

7743 for making this incredible tool, and FEU discord for advice

ArcherBias for importing the bulk of FE6’s OST and his other great remixes

To everyone who helped keep up the illusion that I am not illiterate with grammar/comma fixes. Especially jumpy_23 who has gone from “detailed feedback” to “literal cowriter”

And a deepest sincerest thanks to everyone who playtested this at any point so far.

Patches/ASM used
  • Actions After Support (Contemporary Style) / Source:circleseverywhere
  • Actions After Talk (Contemporary Style) / Source:circleseverywhere
  • Sets flag when enemy escaped, for hook in event. / Source:7743
  • Display Escape menu / Source:7743
  • COND Check whether all members have withdrawn / Souce:NGMansion
  • Add Event: Character Retreat / Source:NGMansion
  • Add Event: Character Retreat / Source:NGMansion
  • Add Event: Simple Escape event that can be easily created / Source:7743 and NGMansion
  • FE8-Battle Stats with Anims Off / Source:Tequila
  • 48command_hack / Source:Hextator
  • 01command_hack / Source:Hextator
  • Anti-Huffman / Source:Hextator
  • HPBars_simple / Source:Circles and Zane
  • Define Multiple Prohibits the Crit By Item. (Installer) / Source:7743
  • Define Multiple dancers(Battle animation effect) Installer / Source:7743
  • Setting sound effect of a many dancer in map battle (Installer) / Source:7743
  • Remove Easy Mode / Source:Nintenlord
  • SOUND_NIMAP2(Native Instrument Map) / Source:Alusq
  • Change support conversation to 5 people instead of 5 times(By Aera) / Source:aera
  • Weapon Lock Ex Installer / Source:7743
  • Crit = Skill - 10 / Source: Scrazia
  • Growths display / Source: Tequila
  • Epicer’s moving stat screen to replicate fe6
  • Patch name:Limitless Trading / Source: NGMansions
  • Scraiza save point asm + wait refresh custom ASM

Patch Link

Totally active Discord


I definitely love this concept of a hack designed around double refreshers. Really grabs your attention and lets you know instantly what the hack is about.


I may try it

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Good hack

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Hey, it’s been a bit huh?

Honestly, if FEU wasn’t upon us, who knows when I would have dropped a tangible update but I can definitively say that this hack is leaps and bounds more polished than it used to be. Though that should be expected when someone goes from knowing a program for “a few months” to “Over two years now.”

Custom Code from Scraiza for quick access bardtraining refreshing really makes things night and day. For quick and easy access and making it really become an effortless tool for the player.

scrazia the god

I have chapter 9x technically playable for sure, but I’m not happy enough to release it as it is right now, so the demo unceremoniously ends at chapter 9. Though that is Chapter 1/2/3/4/5/5x/Intermission/7/8/9, so it is more than a fair bit to sink your teeth into.

Also, my scripting/eventing is also only through chapter 7 as of now, I really hope you enjoy what’s there.

But please enjoy!

Once again thanks to everyone who’s taken their time to help playtest this hack before this release and I thank you again for taking a look at this passion project love letter of mine.

uncurrent patch:


Just saw the FEE3 video on this and I just gotta say I love the concept. Balancing something like this must be hard too so its pretty impressive. I’ll try it out sometime!

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FEE3 Time!

2023 was an interesting time for me to say the least. In regards to making bardtrain, I didn’t make much progress forward in the grand schemes but I did go back and redo… a lot and give other things a generalized facelift.

Got a great friend to really help tighten up writing and gave me great ideas where/when to add more into my hack without it feeling bloat-y or the awkward turn 1 talks for a few characters at once.

And my UI isn’t just literally fe8’s + a changed stat screen anymore which is always cool.

Not to mention really planted my heels and figured out how world map events work, and I really do think they add a lot to the entire package even if it isn’t a totally needed element.

Once again massive massive shoutouts to Lowres who approached me to do this FEE3 clear. I probably wasn’t going to have an FEE3 post this year if he didn’t offer.

If you’re somehow reading this without watching his mini LTC first, uh, here’s the link:


This hack is fun to play even if it can be too big brain for me sometimes lmao

I love the effort on trying to make it as close to FE6 visually as possible. I’m sure most people won’t catch every change made to reflect this, but that’s just the beauty of how seamless it is.

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