FE8, FEbuilder, Map sprite issue

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  • Hacking method: FE Builder
  • Base Game:FE8
  • Steps to reproduce: Unsure, might have something to do with expanding the unit placed list.

I have seen this issue a couple times where there are issues with the map sprites for some of the enemies. The map file works fine if reused, if rebuilding the enemy placement with a new pointer, it still occurs. If the placement pointer is reused the issue still occurs if on another chapter. The map sprites work fine on every other chapter. The only way I was able to fix it was to completely rebuild the chapter in FE builder on another chapter’s data. Does anyone know what would cause this so I can avoid this, as I have had it happen a couple times.

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This issue often occurs if there are too many different map sprites being displayed simultaneously on the same map (affiliation doesn’t matter). The only solution is to use smaller map sprites (16x16 vs 16x32 or 32x32), or have fewer unique sprites among unit placement (mixed male and female enemy types are an easy way to run into this).

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I’ll give that a shot

That was it thank you, I have been breaking my back trying to figure this out for so long.

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