[FE8] FE5AD (Fire Emblem Thracia 776 GBA Remake) - In progress Demo V.01 (10 chapters) now out

Ah, those two things are both bugs. They will be fixed for the next release.

Enemies do not capture you in this hack. I will add this to the FAQ.

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Ah I see much appreciated! Also can you still bring your own items into chapter 4? I had stuff on Leif, Lifis and Jeanne, but I think they were just thrown into the convoy

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You can’t at this time. This is due to the fact that I wasn’t able to replicate the random items in chests. You get new items in the chest, which I think has its pros and cons.

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Just watched the FEE3 vid and super excited for this hack. Love the heavy emphasis on capture mechanic and different pathways based on what you do with the boss.


Hey Blademaster, I cant start chapter 6 because the cutscene is not starting, out of that you are doing a great job

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The patch I posted may not actually be the most up to date one, so this bug is still present if you kill all the enemies in chapter 5. If you PM me your .sav, I should be able to fix it.

I plan to release a patch this weekend that includes chapter 8 in addition to some other bugs that have been reported.

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Hey everyone, it’s monthly update time!

Chapter 8 and 8x are complete.


This hack features base conversations that can give hints about the current chapter, items, recruit new characters, or boost supports. Base conversations will also replace in chapter convos like the ones in chapter 9, which will now happen in chapter 10 instead, for example. Additionally, units that join you in chapter will now instead join you in the prep screen on occasion (Dagdar and Tanya probably won’t in the final version). Gomez is still quite the threat, but whether he gets buffed even more… well, we’ll see.


Is there a way to update my current save file or do I need to restart from the beginning?

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Rename your .sav file to the name of the newly patched rom and it will be registered as a save for that rom instead of the outdated one

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I didn’t release a new patch. I’m not sure when I’ll release the next one. Chapter 8 and 8x still need to undergo more testing from the dev team.