[FE8] FE5AD (Fire Emblem Thracia 776 GBA Remake) - In progress Demo V.01 (10 chapters) now out

Same, or the 40 caps for G2R2 and Super Thracia

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It’s been a month since the last public update, so I wanted to give a small update. Over the past month, half of it was spent on me being unable to work on the project. Thankfully, I’ve been able to expand the team, and things are starting to pick up speed again. I’m really grateful to everyone contributing to the project and helping out. It’s really starting to feel like a team project, and I hope that’s something that will continue going forward.


Chapter 2x is about 90% finished. It just needs a coat of polish to be complete, but is otherwise working as expected.

This hack won’t make use of Thracia fog. While it was present in SGW for THAT chapter, it won’t be used here because I don’t think it really adds to the difficulty and people could just look up the original map on the internet if they really wanted to. The path drawing algorithm also gives you a bit of an idea of where you can go anyway.

Dagdar has 60 HP because I was just doing some event testing at that time related to bosses. In this hack, when you fight a boss, three things can happen: You kill them, capture them, or release them. Depending on what you do with them, something different will happen. Maybe you’ll get an item. Maybe you’ll trigger a new event in a later map. And of course you’ll still be able to recruit those that you always could.

In the last screenshot, the v1 August mug appears. I hope to improve upon it over time.

Thank you for your time and please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


hack looks sick, id love to help out if i can! i can’t do tooo much but i know i can at least help out with unit palettes and writing (though that isnt needed too much on an adaptation lol)

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Hey everyone, it’s time for the monthly project update.

I spent most of the past month working on finishing chapter 2x, adding in QOL improvements, and finishing up some elements of the base ROM by updating classes, magic animations, and items. As such, I don’t have much to show off this time since most of the work I’ve done is behind the scenes.

In regards to chapter 3, all the dialogue has been translated, but work on chapter 3 events have not started.

Sorry for the rather brief and simple update, but I’ll do my best to assure there is one update every month on the 18th.


Hey everyone, it’s time for the monthly project update.


Chapter 3 is finished and Chapter 4 is probably over 50% finished. I still need to finish the dialogue for chapter 4, along with a bug relating to a routine to make sure that units are always dismounted at the start of indoor chapters. The ending and mid chapter events also need to be worked on. Chapter 4 took me much longer to do than previous chapters due to the length of the chapter’s text and the need for some new ASM routines.

In chapter 3, Coirpre is a priest instead of a child civilian. He doesn’t join you ever in this hack, but I thought it would be a fun change.

Chapter 4 also features some big changes. One is that Jeanne will join you through Munster so that you have a healer. Another is that all your equipment goes to convoy, and the chests always contain the same, fresh new items. Finally is that instead of Lara, Daisy joins you instead. What can this mean for future chapters? What will happen to Lara? I’m sure it’s easy enough to predict lol

Just as a heads up, there will be no update next month. I will be taking some more rest time over the next month to play Engage. I hope everyone is able to enjoy it!


Hey everyone, sorry I missed the monthly update yesterday! I was just super busy, sadly, as has been the case for a lot of things in my life lately. I took a whole month off to finish engage, yet I haven’t even been able to finish it myself. I really want to finish my first run so I can finally play maddening mode!

But enough of that. Progress on FE5AD didn’t progress too much from January. Chapter 4 was the most text heavy chapter yet, so it took awhile for me to translate everything. I also had to finish up fixing some bugs that popped up with fixed growths for enemies and making sure that in indoor maps, units always start dismounted.

That being said, chapter 4 is about 90% done. I just need to make sure the NPCs can escape properly, figure out the best way to do the gaiden chapter condition (will probably have to be a new ASM routine, but we’ll see), and decide if there will be any other little bonuses like if you keep the bandits alive.


Some changes for chapter 4 include Jeanne joining you, as mentioned before, a new boss character so you can still get some boss exp if you recruit Dalsin, and seeing Brighton actually use axes indoors. Wrath is very strong as always, I’m happy to say!

While I missed my proper monthly update yesterday, I will continue to always strive to give an update on the 18th. As mentioned before, after chapter 5 is finished, I still hope to release the first demo.

Thank you for your time and I hope to still get everyone’s future support!


It’s monthly update time, and all I can say is that there isn’t much to say. I got a bit burned out trying to work on chapter 4 and then real life crap got in the way of me being able to enjoy what little free time I’ve had as of late. Additionally, my ultimate project delaying nemesis, Zelda, has reared it’s head again…

That said, all that chapter 4 needs is the ASM routine for the gaiden chapter. I started working on the text for chapter 4x, which is thankfully much shorter than chapter 4’s was, so hopefully I won’t feel the same burnout with 4x as I did with 4.

I apologize that updates this year have so far not been off to a strong start.


Whoops, missed Monthly update time by a day…

Chapter 4 is now complete and work on chapter 4x has begun. I will try to have the patch out by this years FEE3. Don’t have more to update on than that…


Happy father’s day and monthly update! Progress on chapter 4x is going well. Please ignore Asbel being a monk.


I’m experimenting with the idea of having the NPC bandits from the previous chapter follow you a bit longer if they don’t die. You’ll be able to talk to them and ask them to leave if you don’t want them to follow you. The length of time they follow you boosts the value of an item they’ll give you for keeping them alive.

Ced now just joins with his chapter 23 stats. It’s easier in some respects to do it that way.

Normally, the other doors in this chapter don’t hold or provide anything of real value, so I added in some NPCs. I thought about making it be possible to recruit other members of the Knights of Fianna, but decided against that. As such, freeing these prisoners just gives you items. Same with the convo between Ced and Leif that is newly added.

One other thing I’ve been looking at lately is making FE5 less soft lock vulnerable and faster gameplay wise. As such, some enemies will now drop door keys that originally didn’t or have door keys they didn’t originally have.

And that’s it for this month. As mentioned before, it’s my goal to have a demo patch up to chapter 5 for FEE3. I think I’ll be able to make that goal at this time. Until next month!


@Blademaster this is a really interesting project. How are you balancing changes made from the original version? Are you trying to maintain the original intention of thracia but with updated UI / implementation or are you redoing thracia so to speak in your own vision?

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That first ss…
Did you really turn that one mage in the chest room into a boss character?

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The goal is to essentially remake FE5, but have it be a bit less janky/unfair for blind players and balance a bit more in the direction of the DS games. I want FE5 to be it’s own thing and this be more of an expanded DS styled version on GBA with more features and events. So there are new weapons, playable characters, combat arts instead of % skills, expanded events, etc. but nothing really in there that breaks the mold too much. If people feel I’m moving to far in a direction that damages the spirit of FE5 too much, I’m more than happy to pull back. I recommend watching last year’s FEE3 video for more information.


Yes, there are now bosses in all chapters. Chapters like 4 and 4x either didn’t have a formal boss or one at all, so in those chapters bosses were added.


It’s monthly update time! Chapter 5 is 99% complete. There are just some rough edges that need to be smoothed out, but the dialogue and events are all complete. Over the next month, the goal will be to finish the FEE3 video and work on the demo patch for chapters 1-5 for 7 chapters total.


As I believe was previously mentioned, when facing bosses, there are three actions you can take: Capture and hold them, release them, or kill them. Different things may happen depending on what you do. In this chapter, we see one such example. Weissman will re-appear this chapter if you capture and release him in chapter 1.

The Moloch and Dark Knight are Moore and Rinecock respectively. They’ve been given slightly expanded roles this time around, but nothing major. Perhaps that’s why that enemy is there…? The mugs they are using at this time are under going review and will be changed in the future.

The arena works slightly different as well. The conditions are still the same, kill things and reinforcements show up, with Galzus at the end if you kill too much. But there are things in place to help slow down the pace at which enemies show up since it’s a bit easier for Eyvel to kill the starting enemies.

This hack uses combat arts, which as of right now, enemies don’t use. This will be changed for the final release of the patch (I may try to do this for the demo) so that enemies with skills like Luna always activate them when they attack. Something like that can certainly make a unit like Mareeta even more terrifying!

That’s all for this month! There may not be an update next month as work is done on the FEE3 video and patch. If by chance I get around to chapter 6, I’ll post some screen shots of it, along with any other progress news at that time.


Doing the monthly update a bit early since I will be away this weekend.

Chapter 6 is done and will be part of the first demo patch, but I didn’t take screenshots of it for this month (that will be saved for next update). The FEE3 video has also been submitted, going over the differences between vanilla thracia and this hack. This months update is a bit different.

I’m recruiting more play testers for the first demo. If you’re interested, please feel free to reach out here or on discord. If you reach out asking to be a play tester after the 16th, please note that I will not be able to respond until the 21st.

Please look forward to the demo when FEE3 is here. It will contain eight/8 chapters.


Hello everyone, time for the monthly update! I have good news!

Chapter 6 finally has screens as promised


As mentioned before, if you keep the bandits alive, some good items may come your way. Also, Amid, Hawk, and Hermina now join you. Hermina went unused in FE5, so I figured this would be a good spot to have her show up. And where Hermina goes, her companion and brother Amid and Hawk go too, no? Amid and Hawk always join you, but sort of exist as backups in case you miss out on recruiting Asbel and still want to have a magic user. They’re designed to be worse units than him to reward you for recruiting Asbel, but they’re still pretty strong. Hawk is design to be like a kind of magic Dagdar. With the planned nerfs to staves and buffs to enemies, it’s difficult to say at this time how Hawk may be balanced over the game.

And chapter 7 is done!


Chapter 7 is largely unchanged. For those of you hoping to stop Eisenhowe from spawning, sorry to say but that has been fixed. From discussions the team had, we concluded it was likely an unintentional bug in the original. But, what could those gold units mean…? Charlot is not playable. He’s just here for cameo purposes.

Chapter 7 will now be included in the FEE3 patch as well. Currently, I’m working on fixing up bugs for the FEE3 patch. The playtesting team found quite a few serious ones that have thankfully been fixed, but things are looking pretty good. Once the patch is ready, I’ll keep working on chapter 8. It’s possible that may show up in the patch as well, but who can say?


Halfish month update because the FEE3 schedule was announced. The first demo patch will be released on the same day as my FEE3 video, October 14th. It is going through one last review process before it will be ready. It will contain a total of 10 chapters, the prologue through chapter 7. Before it’s release, there is just one last thing I want to expand upon a bit more.


I came up with this TOTALLY ORIGINAL and not at all taken from another VERY POPULAR NINTENDO RPG style system that all characters can make use of. So, be sure to fully explore the combat arts when you play the hack.

Please look forward to the first patch on the 14th! Also, the monthly update for October will obviously be early for the release of the first patch/demo.


That combat art system looks like a really interesting addition ! Can’t wait to see how much it will affect the way we play :smile:

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Today is the day of FE5AD’s FEE3 presentation. I will update the thread with the video later, but for now, I will be posting the first demo patch as I will not be able to do so at 6 AM lol. You can find the link here: Dropbox - releases.zip - Simplify your life

This is the first FE5AD patch, V.01. It goes from the prologue to chapter 7, for 10 chapters total. Chapter 8 and beyond do not work. This patch has not been balanced for hardmode, but it is perfectly playable. Unit balance is a work in progress. There is no readme included with this patch as it is just more of a proof of work demo, so I expect people to know how to apply a .ups patch or use Google. This patch uses a translation by me in areas where I was able to obtain the Japanese text and Fire Lizard in areas where I was not able to do so, such as with the the escape quotes, and death quotes. The Prologue is based of TheEnd’s work, as hosted on Serenes Forest in the short story “Lenster’s Fall”. I would give Firelizard’s translation and my own about a B. It does not make any use of Cirosan’s translation at all due to the DMCA issue and its general subpar quality (I imagine Cirosan didn’t know what Keigo is and its significance, for example), which I would rate as a C-. Any feed back on the translation is welcome.

Please report any and all bugs/complaints/translation questions here. All criticism is valid and welcome. Just don’t ask “why isn’t this 1:1 to the SNES game” because my answer will just be “go play the SNES game/original.”

Enjoy! As an aside, I believe chapter 8 and 8x will be ready for the next monthly update. At this stage in the hacking process, the biggest overheads towards finishing completely are the translation and music. There are still mugs to be made, but a significant portion of them are done.


  1. How do I take items out of the supply?

You have to go to a storage building. You cannot otherwise take items out of supply

  1. Are there any known bugs?

There have been reports of units not loading properly if you don’t save between completed chapters. Female Thieves have the wrong unarmed animation. The supply in chapter 3 is an armory at this time.

  1. Will enemies try to capture you?

No. Enemies will never try to capture you.


Oh wow, I’m excited to see the video soon :smiley:

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Played the first few chapters and love it so far! My only real complaint is No supply room in chapter 3 which makes item management for the next chapter difficult.

and as for bugs. When trying to use Daisy as capture bait She suddenly becomes a mounted unit and her colours freak out a bit

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