FE8: Fang Mod V 0.9

So, this is my first time modding Fire Emblem or…any game for that matter. This is more or less a passion project born from when i covered Sacred Stones (mostly Blind) during some livestreams and thanks to support from my chat we made a mod based on a little running joke and over time it became something more than a joke for a lot of us.
It focuses around a little dog that managed to survive “Ross the Boss” so I and the chat adopted him and named him Fang and i decided to make a little expansion mod that has him as a playable ally alongside some new playable monsters like a Zombie looking for his past, a Spider protecting her territory and a Gargoyle seeking redemption…just to name a few.

(also it’s version 0.9 because i STILL can’t get the final battle dialogue coding right)
Here is a link to my trailer video i did that has all the links https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTu2mkc0DHs

and if you just want the drive link to the files

UPS Patch: Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones Fang Mod PATCH ver 0.9.ups - Google Drive

and uh…i think that’s it


had to break up the links so i could even share them properly

that’s due to not posting any topics prior
I’ll push up your level for now, but I would recommend making an introduction post in the community section

Regarding the final battle quotes, it seems you’ve misplaced the Conditional IDs; this set-up means Fang’s quote cannot play unless Rennac is deployed:

You should swap the locations of ID 0x14 and ID 0x80C8.


Sorry again. I’m not used to forums or posting on them. Thank you

Thank you. This last part of trying to make the mod I honestly couldn’t wrap my head around which is why you can see I couldn’t do all of the characters and gave up after only one.


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