[FE8] Event based support conversations

I know hextator made support convos based on events, so I wonder if there was any equivalent research done on FE8, or if it’d be hard to transpose the code to FE8?

There is currently no equivalent. Depending on what you want to do, you could just use the turn based support growth hack.

Working on it now

Using the FE7 version as a base, replaced Unit_Pointers with .long 0x0859A5D0. Called it with ASMC during a talk event, trying to get Eirika and Seth to A.

Result: Eirika got an A-support with Forde. Huh. Needs more research.

Edit: Success! Apparently FE8 uses 1 byte per character in support data, while FE7 uses 2. So, to port to FE8 you simply replace Unit_Pointers as above, and change
ldrb r2, [r3, r2] @character in support data
ldrb r2, [r3, r4] @character in support data

And then follow the instructions as per the FE7 version.

Link for the lazy


Thank you so much for this @circleseverywhere ! :smiley: