FE8 Escape Room - Seeking puzzle ideas and FEBuilder developers!

Hey folks! I’m a fledgling content creator who’s looking to create an FE8 escape room. You might have seen videos of the concept done in Pokemon before, and now I’m looking to create a single chapter hack of an FE GBA escape room to trap some friends in and eventually turn into a cool video. I have experience with FEBuilder myself, but between a full-time job, creating other videos for my channel, and general busy-ness in life, I won’t have the time to commit to actually building the hack for some time, nor am I confident about my ability to properly implement many of the puzzles I’d like to feature. So I’m looking for collaborators to help make this happen.

First off, here are my objectives:

  • ~60 minutes to beat, ideally no more than ~120 minutes.
  • No RNG necessary at any point. If needed, items would be manipulated for 100 hit, 0 crit, etc.
  • If leveling is necessary for a solution, growths must be fixed.
  • Nothing relying on waiting out multiple turns.
  • Solutions should be solvable and have identifiable clues, but not immediately obvious. (e.g. high staff experience pointing towards needing a weapon level up)
  • Steps can be obscured, but not overly cryptic. Hints in houses and an in-game ‘hint’ system.
  • Ideally no skill system.

If you have any ideas for fun puzzles using the FE GBA mechanics, please share them below! I’ve got some ideas already, but I’ll withhold them for now to see if people come up with fresh takes on what I already have in mind.

Here’s a list of some GBA mechanics you might want to think about to spur some ideas.

  • Weapon levels
  • Con/Aid
  • Supports
  • Damaging tiles
  • Steal mechanics
  • Terrain

The possibilities are endless!

And if you’re a confident FEBuilder wizard, I want to hear from you! Please reach out if this sounds like something you’d be interested in and you have some experience with FEB.

What I’d ask of you:

  • Be enthusiastic and communicative.
  • Have experience building and polishing a chapter in FEBuilder.
  • Be confident in implementing puzzles proposed by myself or others.

What you’ll get in return:

  • Ownership of the patch - I’d be featuring it in a Youtube video and briefly talking about the creative process in designing and developing it. Beyond that ‘final’ version, once the escape room is finished, it’s yours to share, build upon and do whatever you’d like with.
  • The chance to collaborate with others on a hack.
  • Exposure - I know, I know, I hate offering ‘exposure’ like it’s remotely fair compensation, but in addition to the above, you’ll hopefully be getting a lot of eyes on your creation. My channel currently has 2100 subscribers, but my last two videos have had a combined 250,000 views. The video will also be featuring guests, including a FEH Youtuber with 25,000 subs.

Phew, that’s a lot. Sorry for the big wall of text! If you’ve got ideas for puzzles, drop them below. And if you’d like to get involved in building the hack, let me know here, or message me on discord @theoneandali - I’m on the FEU discord so you can find me there as well.

Thanks all! <3

Won’t be able to help building, as I don’t dabble in GBA. However, is you need any inspiration, this is probably right up your alley: