[FE8] Eirika and Ephraim promotion event

I’m trying to figure out how to disable the event-based promotion for Ephraim and Eirika at the end of Ch 16 and have them promote sooner using an item. I made the necessary changes with the promotion item data, but I can’t find the event that ask players if they want to promote right away. In FE6 and FE7 that data was easy to find, but I can’t find it in FE8.

Did you try to search the Event using the “connect to emulator”-Option in FEBuilder?

Yeah I think it is not that easy to find because of FE8 using side pointers in it’s events. I looked through a Vanilla Rom an I found the Question of promotion in 9F7378. There are 4 CALLs in this event but I think you know what they do. Otherwise I can help you more ^^

Event that is called by CALL.
You should also look inside the CALL.
Select CALL and press Ctrl + J.
Alternatively, copy the address called in the call and paste it into the Address field of the event editor.