[FE8] Editing the DK's Unique Staff Effect[In progress]

So, the demon king has a unique staff, “Nightmare” that puts all player units in range to sleep.

I would like to do one or both of these things.

  1. Edit the staff to exact a different status effect on the player. (Like poison, or berserk, or some other thing, etc.)
  2. Make more enemy-only hits-all-in-range attack staves.

For #2, I’m thinking of enemy bishops with mass poison staves, or maybe extremely rare Ruins enemies that can mass berserk player units in a short range, etc. I’ve spoken to @Venno at length but we never figured anything out. Anyone else got ideas on how to do this?

Easiest part

Actually might be an interesting endeavor. It’s actually probably some vairant of fortify. Copy the item effect from the usability tables?

Well, Fortify as I recall from AI tests years ago with Hextator and Ryrumeli isn’t usable by enemies, and I don’t even think it works on enemies. Latona is hard locked to only healing players and NPC’s, never enemies, so having an enemy-only staff would be pretty awesome, would give me a lot to work with.

Also if this was a suggestion, I have no idea how to do this.

I can probably change this, but it’s interesting they just didn’t use the faction check.

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Uh, I think I was wrong about Fortify.

Don’t one of the Morphs in Nergal’s room in the final have a fortify? I swear I remember there being a topic on SF talking about making them use it(and doing so), but I couldn’t find it. Maybe I’m crazy though.

Crazy, what about a mass-eclipse effect, that either halves all the HP o player units it hits, or reduces their HP to 1 a’la FE6?

Blazer explained that in FE7. Basically the enemy always uses Fortify whenever there are three or more enemies with low HP on the map, so all you had to do was create those units with low HP and put them offscreen.

What was his hack called again? I think “Castle of Healing” or something along those lines. Must be on his website, anyway.

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Good to know.

debug the nightmare item then
you could just put a bpw on an ally’s status effect and have some enemy use it
or do the reverse which might be easier