[FE8] Drama Emblem - v0.1.2 - The Second Seal Shrine Update (11 playable chapters)

Drama Emblem Title Screen

The crossover nobody asked for, but everyone needs… Drama Emblem and the Marshmallow of Mystery!
An original hack of FE8 featuring the cast of the Canadian cartoon series Total Drama Island. Set in the generic fantasy realm of Wawanakwa, join a cast of relatively one dimensional but iconic teenagers as they take on the true enemy…capitalism! Easter eggs and references galore, but still enjoyable if you’ve never seen the show! Although that would greatly enhance the experience…

This has been my personal project for over a year now, although I’ve been working on it more off than on recently. I combined my favorite game series with my favorite show. Currently the game is playable from the Prologue to Chapter 8, featuring two additional gaiden chapters for a total of 11 playable chapters.

I recommend stopping your playthrough after Chapter 8. You can move on to Chapter 8x, but it’s not totally polished yet.

I hope you enjoy what I’ve put forth! Please understand that everything in this topic is a complete work in progress. I’m still constantly improving my romhacking skills. That said, I appreciate constructive criticism so if there’s any issues you find, please let me know.

Plot Details

Note: These are written for those familiar with the show

  • The characters live in the wealthy country of Wawanakwa, which is bordered by the nation of Pahkitew. Wawanakwa is ruled by the king, Chris Mclean.
  • Outside of the capital, Wawanakwa is split into territories ruled by thirteen noble houses. Characters such as Courtney, Alejandro, and Trent are heirs to these houses. The houses spend most of their time engaging in petty disputes.
  • Gwen’s our lord of the game, a diviner in the Temple of Fahlenblock. She offers visions to those in need. On her way back from providing a vision, she and her traveling companions are attacked by a mysterious group, kicking off the main story…
  • A cast of 52 (50 max at a time) playable characters from the Total Drama series generations 1 through 3.
  • Classic, new, and revamped classes.
  • All tier 1 classes (save for Gwen’s) promote with the use of an Officer Seal to their second tier classes. Some units are able to use Master Seals to access third tier classes as well. And legend tells of a Heaven Seal that unlocks unique classes for certain characters.
  • Skills! But only on certain units and classes…
  • Multiple villagers! Because one just isn’t enough.
  • Supports and paired endings of both canon and fanon Total Drama pairings.
  • The Second Seal Shrine! Offers limited reclassing, with a better explanation here.
  • A 3 act story! Act 1 is currently completed.

Drama Emblem Promo 1
Drama Emblem Promo 4
Drama Emblem Promo 2
Drama Emblem Promo 3
Drama Emblem Promo 6
Drama Emblem Promo 5
Drama Emblem Promo 7
Drama Emblem Promo 8

Notes on Recruitment (may contain spoilers)

Generally characters join automatically or have very obvious Talk conversations, but there are a few characters who have some specific conditions that depend on the recruitment of OTHER characters. Those more complicated recruitment methods are listed below. There are also one or two instances where the loss of a character results in the loss of a second character as well.

  • Beth’s paralogue (4x) will only occur if Lindsay is alive at the end of Chapter 4.
  • If Beth or Lindsay die in Chapter 4x, the other will leave the army/die.
  • Justin can be hired at the start of Chapter 5 if the player has at least 3000 gold and is willing to pay for him.
  • Shortly after in the same chapter, B and Dawn will appear. Dawn will always join, but B will ONLY join if Justin was not hired. Otherwise he remains an NPC and will only appear in certain cutscenes.
  • Alejandro will leave the army temporarily after Chapter 4, but will rejoin starting in Chapter 9.
  • Ezekiel’s paralogue (8x) will only occur if Izzy is alive at the end of Chapter 8.
Which Characters Join in Which Act (may contain spoilers)

*note that characters are sorted within tears alphabetically, not by literal join order

Available Support Conversations (may contain spoilers)

All listed support lines are complete with C through A conversations.

  • Gwen/Courtney
  • Gwen/Duncan
  • Courtney/Bridgette
  • Courtney/Duncan
  • Katie/Sadie
  • Alejandro/Tyler
  • Tyler/Lindsay
  • Geoff/Bridgette
  • Justin/Beth
  • Dawn/Cameron
Plans for Future Development
  • More supports! I have a few chains written and put into the game and many others complete but not implemented. My goal is to give every character at least a couple of viable support chains and endings, so that part is a long way to go. I would recommend not viewing the support chains for now, but if you want a taste you can always view Sadie/Katie, Tyler/Alejandro, and Gwen/Courtney.
  • Actual portraits! I love the somewhat derpy cartoon sprites, but I’m also totally down to have some legit FE-style portraits. That’s not really in my wheelhouse though, so that’s a long ways off.
  • Obviously with only 1 act complete, there’s still 2 more to go, which means a lot more writing!
  • Better maps! Similar to spriting, map making isn’t a strong skill of mine. I’d love to have some better maps as well.
  • Some more custom weapons. There’s a couple of extra bows, but I’d like to add more of each weapon type.

Pikmin - Dark Knight (U) class sprite, Cavalier (F) Axe class sprite, Dragoon (M) v2 Lance class sprite, Dark Knight Hood class sprite, Gold Knight (M) Axe class sprite, Cavalier (F) Lance class sprite, Malig Knight (M) Axe class sprite, Bow Knight (M) class sprite, Cavalier (F) Sword class sprite, Troubadour (F) Thaumaturge class sprite
Nuramon - Dark Knight (U) class sprite, Baron (U) + Cape and Shield class sprite, Dark Knight Hood class sprite
DerTheVaporeon - Dark Knight (U) class sprite, Pirate (M) DS-Style No-Bandana Axe class sprite, Dark Knight Hood class sprite, Spartan (M) Lance class sprite, Gold Knight (M) Axe class sprite, Valkyrie (M) Non-Religious Staff class sprite, Bow Knight (M) class sprite, Troubadour (F) Thaumaturge class sprite, War Cleric (F) Axe class sprite, War Cleric (M) Axe class sprite
MeatofJustice - Sage (M) FE2 class sprite, Bard (M) Fancy class sprite
Leif - Sage (M) FE2 class sprite, Mage (M) Thunder class sprite, Paladin (M) Bow class sprite
SALVAGED - Cavalier (F) Axe class sprite, Knight (U) Axe class sprite, Knight (U) Bow Shield Back class sprite, Cavalier (F) Lance class sprite, Knight (U) Lance class sprite, Cavalier (F) Sword class sprite, Knight (U) Sword class sprite
Its_Just_Jay - Baron (U) + Cape and Shield class sprite
Permafrost - Bishop (M) Hatless Pants class sprite
FungusCaesar - Cavalier (M) Bow class sprite)
Skitty - Brigand (F) Axe class sprite
WarPath - Berserker (M) Dartserker Axe class sprite
BatimaTheBat - Clerif (F) Awakening-Style class sprite
Ayr - Custom Flier Harrier (F) class sprite
TyTheBub - Mage Lord (M) Eliwood class sprite
Devisian_Nights - Seer (M) class sprite
SD9K - Great Lord (M) Hector-Harbinger class sprite
StreetHero - Custom Pale Flower Nino class sprite, Trickster (M) Redone class sprite
Author_Pendragon - Marauder (M) Axe class sprite
ArcherBias - Marksman (M) Nuramon-style class sprite
flasuban - Priest (M) Improved Staff class sprite, Bow Knight (F) Bow class sprite, Paladin (F) Revision Lance class sprite, Soldier (M) FE10-Style Lance class sprite, Wyvern Rider (M) Axe class sprite
SHYUTERz - Wyvern Lord (U) Armored Lance class sprite
Blademaster - General (U) Axe class sprite, Pegasi (F) T2 Staff class sprite
Melia - Saint (F) class sprite
RobertFPY - Paladin (M) v2 Axe class sprite, Paladin (M) v2 Sword class sprite, Paladin (F) Sword class sprite, Paladin (U) Gendarme Sword class sprite
MeteorSR23 - Paladin (U) Gendarme Sword class sprite
Sephie - Myrmidon (M) Shorthaired Sword class sprite
Shtick - Swordmaster (M) Short Hair Sword class sprite
FE7if - Swordmaster (F) Alt class sprite
Rasdel - Archer (M) FE14-Style Thief Bow, Warrior (M) Tellius class sprite, Necromancer (M) Generic class sprite
blood - Trickster (M) Redone class sprite
TAS20xx - Dark Mage (U) FE3-4 class sprite
HyperGammaSpaces - Villager (M) v2 Sword class sprite
TheBlindArcher - Halberdier (M) 2.0 class sprite
Smug_Mug - Sage (M) Battle Sage Magic class sprite
Tordo45 - Paladin (F) Revision Lance class sprite
L95 - Swordmaster (M) FE10-Style Sword class sprite
ArcaneEli - Wyvern Knight (U) Axe class sprite

Animations - DerTheVaporeon, Leo_Link, Jj09, flasuban, Jeorge_Reds, MrNight48, Glenwing, Andy, SD9K, SALVAGED, Eldritch Abomination, Huichelaar, Obsidian Daddy, Banpresto, KirbyFreak, Spud, Jey the Count, TheBlindArcher, Puppet, Greentea, eCut, Greentea, BatimaTheBat, shadowofchaos, Sme, Shtick, Camus_Regan, Pikmin, GabrielKnight, Knabepicer, TyTheBub, Mercenary Lord, NYZGamer, Maiser6, Nuramon, Teraspark, Aruku, Kenpuhu, Lord_Tweed, Vilkalizer, Maiser6, Orihara_Saki. RedBean, Mikey Seregon, Marlon0024, Max Limit, L95, 7743, Alfred Kamon, Mycahel, The_Big_Dededester, ArcaneEli, RRSKAI, Tsushi, Iscaneus, ltranc, MeatOfJustice, RenOokami, Gavvv333
Full detailed credits for animations are in-progress.



Downloaded instantly, this looks really good


I am going to download it THIS INSTANT. look forward to my review.


Alright campers, I heard from an anonymous source that SOMEone made an FE hack based on us. Totally cool, dudes!


this is something i will download!
(review coming soon)

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New update, with the new patch already in the Dropbox file! Mostly minor changes here and there while I continue to write Act 2.

Version 0.1.1

  • Class reel is updated!
  • New Supports have been added! (Courtney/Duncan full support, Tyler/Lindsay full support, Cameron/Dawn full support, Justin/Beth full support)
  • Unit descriptions for all currently playable units
  • Harold now joins with a new weapon that should also make him a LITTLE easier to train up
  • Chapter 1 boss is now a Lance Armor instead of a Sword armor
  • Chapter 2 boss has less RES and DEF so it’s not just a manner of surrounding him with chip damage units
  • Some new TD themed backgrounds have been added!

Next on the list is to continue with more support conversations for the early game cast and to start work on implementing Chapter 9.


Another update to Drama Emblem! Full update is at the bottom of this post, but here’s the highlight!

Izzy’s a great myrmidon, but maybe you’ve got enough sword users in your army…
Oh, a mysterious shrine! Fun!
Interesting… This could give us a lot of variety.
Woah! Now Izzy’s on a dragon!

Yes, the Second Seal Shrine is here! The solution to my “ugh, should I make this character Class A or Class B?” problem that pops up every once in a while.

Version 0.1.2

  • Chapter 7 now has a Second Seal Shrine (a village event), which can be used once to reclass most characters into a different base class. Most shrine classes have buggy palettes and are just meant to be a fun way to vary the game. I’ve included a document in the Dropbox file that lists everyone’s Second Seal class. Gwen, B, Dawn, and Trent (once he’s playable) cannot use the Second Seal Shrine. Additional shrines will show up in future chapters.
  • New Supports have been added! (Gwen/Cody full support, Courtney/Noah full support)
  • Updated death quotes for all currently playable characters
  • Changed the skills the Thief promotions get. Tricksters get Pass upon promotion and Armsthrift at level 5. Assassins get Opportunist and Lethality. Rogues get Locktouch and Canto.
  • Added a TALK event in Chapter 8 between Harold and Bridgette that gives a new Prf weapon for Harold
  • Added a Prf weapon for Harold called “Mad Skills” that grants him Gentilhomme while it is equipped
  • Chapter 8x now leads into Chapter 9, but beyond the beginning cutscenes it is still not complete

Next up will be finishing Chapter 9, moving on to Chapter 10, and various quality improvements that come up as I’m debugging.

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Holy shit this is the best thing ever. This feels like it was made specificly for me. Can’t wait to see progress!!

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Been a bit busy with work, but I’ve slowly but surely been making progress. Here’s a couple teaser images:

Prepare to see double!

Trent gets to show off his sick moves!

If anyone has had a chance to play the current release, let me know what you think!