[FE8] Dismount and Mount Hack

This is a crosspost from Serenes Forest.

Allows classes with a mounted class to be associated an unmounted class an vice versa. Their stats are changed in between the forms based on differences in the base stats of the classes.

Extract all files in the zip. Open up “DismountMount Installer.txt”. Set the TextID’s you’d like to use for the names and descriptions of the command, and the location of some free space. If you repointed the Class Table, change that definition.

Then scroll down to MountedClassTable:. Change the entries there to fit the class associations you want. It should be of the form MountedUnmounted(mountedclass, unmountedclass). The table should end with EndMountUnmountedTable.

If you have other commands you need to integrate into the Unit Menu Table, copy the MenuCommand lines and merge them into one installer (advanced).

Finally, install the file with EA V9.12 or later.

DismountMount v0.9.zip



If I had known this would be a thing some months ago, I’d have balanced for it. This is still pretty cool though and you made it REALLY easy to install. Maybe in a future project…

Was this the one shown at last year’s FEE3?

The core concept but not a complete working thing with easy install and customizability.

Also, it was for FE7.