FE8 Disabling permadeath?

Is it possible to disable permadeath?
I’m creating a new hack and soon I will upload it here, but I’m facing a permadeath issue. You will fight alongside generic units and this means if they die, next chapter they will come back, but I’m using the command ‘‘Load units, move and join if player unit’’, but they aren’t joining the party…

The second chapter and the unit commands. (don’t mind the same command few lines below, I tried to fix this issue spawning units twice.)

And this is after all those lines.

If you want to remove permadeath entirely, use the casual mode patch and turn on flag 0xB0 at the start of the game.

In your case, do you want any stats/exp the generics have gained to carry over into the next chapter?

A) Carry over stats if they did not die.
Use CHECK_ALIVE and if true, do nothing, otherwise DISA them to kill them off and reset stats when you next load them.

B) Always carry over stats.
Use the patch UNCM and the event command UNCR to remove the status DEAD of each generic at the end of each chapter.

C) Reset stats each chapter.
Use DISA on each char at the end of each chapter to kill them off properly.

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I want to carry over stats only if they survive the chapter. However if they die than they will lose all stats.
I used casual mode patch and it’s working, now I only need to figure out how CHECK_ALIVE and those ID Condition works…
Thanks for the help!

If you are using Casual Mode you do not need to do anything else as all player units will always be undeployed when killed instead of marked as dead. Their stats will always carry over and you can use that character again in each new chapter.

Eg. Seth dies in chapter 1 and you can use him again in chapter 2.

Example of A)

Before loading units, we erase any units that have died.

First, we erase unit id 0x2, who is Seth.

I put this CHECK_ALIVE into a separate event so that you can recycle code, rather than writing the same 5 lines over and over again for every generic unit.

You could write another unit id to memory slot 2 and call the event for each generic unit ID before loading your units.

Usually when player units die, they are not erased, but instead marked as “dead” so that they won’t be loaded. What I’ve done here just erases a player unit if they are marked as “dead” so that when you try loading them, it will be a freshly made unit.


Thank you so much… I did what you said and worked it!

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Is there any link to get that version of the game with permadeath I want to play the 2 gba game with out permadeath and creat the file as a cia to play it on my 3ds

I know the is a old post around two years ago but if anyone know anything let me know.

I would say you could possibly try to take the file into febuilder and unpatch the casual mode patch. If that’s even works