[FE8] Dancer Magic Freeze Fix (WIP I guess)

Hello, all. I wanted to share a fix I made for the Dancer in FE8. Normally, when the Dancer is able to double an enemy, the game freezes after the first attack. Now, however, it should work properly.

EDIT: Nevermind, I didn’t fix it like I thought I did.

For the character, does it have any magic weapon levels? If so, the game will treat it like a mage, and bad stuff will happen.

Yeah, I gave the dancer an E rank in Light, Dark, and Anima. When using the Tethys with swords animations, only the ranged melee animations are used when directly attacking with a sword. Dodge frames weren’t being played, either. I’ll keep messing with it, but I’m new to character scripts.

If you eliminate all magic weapon ranks, does it work properly?

Also, are you using a strength/magic split?

Sorry for the late reply, been doing Christmas stuff. But yeah, without any magic ranks, it works fine. I haven’t been using a Str/Mag split, do you have a link to one? I’d like to get this working. It’d be nice to give back to the community since they all make stuff that I’ve used.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t seem that a split that would fit your needs exists yet for FE8. Sorry. Can you make it work without magic for now?

I did a bit of testing. It works, sort of. The animation when attacking twice plays really quickly after the first attack. It looks really strange with spells like Nosferatu where the Dancer will start the second attack while their health is still being restored.

If you want, I can give you the script I’m using. I’ve not messed with animation scripting before now, so I’m most likely missing something that I should be doing.