[FE8] Custom Stat Screen Layout

I want to change the layout of the stat screen for my hack, but I don’t know anything about ASM. I would like someone help me with this, either by creating the layout for me or by teaching me wizardry to make it myself.

This is what I want:
Page 1: Personal Data
I’m using the Skill System, so I want to move the skills to other page. Pretty much it would look like the vanilla one but keeping the Talk indicator.

And maybe if the Str/Mag split ever comes out the screen should be adjusted accordingly.

Page 2: Items
It has no changes.

Page 3: Weapon Ranks and Skills
Supports would be moved to another page and the skills will be below the weapon ranks.

The weapon ranks have the same layout as the “Display All 8 Weapon Ranks” patch included in FEBuilder, the problem with that patch is that the R button doesn’t show the data correctly because it’s mapped as if it is the old layout, not to mention that you can’t check all 8 ranks.

(The hand is on the Lance rank, but it’s showing the Light rank info)

Page 4: Affiliation and Supports
First, I don’t know if it’s possible to set an indicator based on the Leader Character byte from the Unit structure (The one after the Class ID byte according to Event Assembler), but basically it would be something like Afiliación: Ejercito/Equipo de X (Affiliation: X’s army in spanish). And if the byte is set to 0 then the affiliation would be “None” or “Independent”
If there’s no way to implement that (or it’s too complicated), then it would be just the Support list.

Finally, because I know nobody is crazy enough to make a request like this for free, I’m willing to commission this. If you’re interested then send me a DM and we can negociate the details and conditions.


The stat screen hack that the skill system is modular and comes with a lot of macros.
For most of it you don’t even need to know any ASM, it’s no different than using macros in EA.

@Kirb helped me with this, so a mod can close this thread.

Do you know how to edit it? I have the same problem