FE8 custom instrument sample patch

Ever wish you could use FE6’s synth brass section in FE8? How about less terrible electric guitars? Multi-sample instruments with vastly more range than the ones they replace? This patch may be able to help. For those who want an extended repertoire of samples but don’t want to tangle with Sappy or keep track of hundreds of pointers in hex editing, this patch installs installs ipatix’s sound mixer at 0xfcd060 and slaps down a new instrument table at 0xfcd8c0 and a bunch of new instrument samples at 0x0fcdec0—0x10895fb (I hope to convert this patch to EA format later so it can be installed at any place in the rom in the future). More information is in the readme.

This patch is compatible with songs made for the FE8 native instrument maps, provided you don’t mind switching around some of the instruments to their new locations (e.g. №104 was moved to №23 because №104 is now an actual sitar, taken from FE7).

Let me know if you have suggestions/problems/etc!
edit 2018-6-29: Mother 3 piano added. I also threw in ipatix’s sound mixer at 0xfcd060 so you no longer have to worry/forget/procrastinate about installing that.


If you want a good piano that will play nice with FE instruments the Mother 3 one is pretty amazing. You can even set it up like a drum instrument and give each note a different pan so it plays like a proper solo piano recording

Fantastic idea! I’ll see about including it.

edit: I added the Mother 3 piano over №0 acoustic grand. Additionally, inserting a piano-only song to test the samples reminded me that I hadn’t installed ipatix’s sound mixer, which I had always intended on including because I always forget to install it, so it’s there now. The patch takes a little more space because of these additions, but it’s negligible compared to the amount of space the previous version took.

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