[FE8] Copy/Paste a character's stats?

I was wondering if it was possible to have a hack that allows you to copy the stats from character x and paste them to character y. Perhaps working with SETVAL?

_SETVAL 0x1 CharacterThatGetsCopied
_SETVAL 0x2 CharacterThatGetsTheStats
ASMC 0xoffset

Something like this?
It’d be useful for a lot of stuff, including fixing an hardcoded autocursor problem in ch.9B and allowing us to make “mirror of truth” chapters, etc.


Good to know.
@Crazycolorz5 this should be a variant of your character changer hack, would you be able to do it? :slight_smile:

thats easy
want me to do it?

It’d be awesome! <3
Thanks Bren :slight_smile:

One thing that might have to be specified is whether you want it to also copy the character pointer? The class pointer?

Nope, just the stats are ok~

Which exact stats do you want copied?

Max HP, Str/Mag, Skill, Spd, Luck, Def, Res, Con (no need for Mov, but it’s welcomed)
Oh, and support points. And weapon ranks.

Yeah, basically everything.

…and the inventory if that’s possible. Not absolutely necessary though.

do you want character and class also?
and AI?
how about level and experience

Uh oh right, level and experience
of course yes, I’m dummy
Huh, character and class aren’t necessary but they could come in handy, yes. If that doesn’t bother you ^^
No need for the AI though. Quite the opposite, I’d prefer to set it manually instead of copying it.

sooo everything besides AI?
how about x and y?
matter of fact, just look at this

X and Y aren’t needed at all, thanks.
Yeah, that’s perfect :slight_smile:

lemme just


give me an offset


try this with the assembly patcher

Man, sorry but I really hate that program.
What are the steps?

open rom
load the .bin you gave me

or am I missing something?
Because it seems I can’t patch it correctly :c

have a ups patch instead