FE8 completely random hack

I am currently making an entirely random FE8 hack where all the maps, enemies, and playable characters are randomized. This is what I have so far.

Hopefully somebody finds this interesting, since I had a lot of fun doing this.


you know this exists, right?

Yes, but the self-randomizer is still normal FE8. This hack will have new maps, characters, and enemies, like I said. Playing FE8 over and over again gets boring after a while, so I thought I could make something new and interesting. That’s the point of this hack.


Does it randomize into different chapters every playthrough? or is it just a quick hack where you hit randomize on maps/other stuff, without changing anything thereafter?

It’s not a self-randomizer or a program that does randomization. I basically just roll a bunch of numbers on random.org and those numbers determine what happens in the chapter. The playthrough will always be the same every time. It’s like pressing a “generate hack” button.

Also, have some of the character stats. Everything about them is randomized except for their portraits, so don’t expect any sort of balance.


You might as well opt to this just being a hack, because when you think of it, every hack might as well be a wildly randomized version of FE8.

Most hacks are deliberate in their choices of units and maps, and they try to make something that is balanced and fun. They’re not random versions of the game they’re hacking. This hack is not supposed to be like that. The point of it is to see what kind of game could come out of complete randomness. What sort of game the hack ends up being is all up to the numbers I roll, and not me.