[FE8] [Completed] **MASSIVE NEW UPDATE** The Sacred Trilogy Reskin and Rebalance

Actually no he doesn’t move and he should… Maybe he should spawn a few turns in and start to move after 2 or 3 more turns.

Your idea is nice, but I don’t agree with making weapons stats invisible as information is key to fights in FE.

This was the hackrom i was thinking, i got mixed up and thought i was responding to that thread lmao

Yeah…i’ve also recently found out that the monster-slaying weapons Sacred Redux had, were legitimate weapons from the original game, but only available in the japanese version that was linked at the time to a Jump Fiesta event. So Bright Lance, Beacon Bow, Shadowkiller and Fiendcleaver are all legitimate weapons that can be added here aswell.

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Honestly I think far too many of us are getting ahead of ourselves here, some of these ideas while neat would heavily bust one of the most irksome maps in all of sacred stones.

Think about how much more frustraiting having valter suddenly move with a BS 1-3 range weapon on the turn after ephraim/erika join the fray, whom he will likely bullrush and oneshot.

For example, for the lance described to work like that Valter need 0 strength and the lance itself to pierce defense. Valter himself is actually fairly fast and has Impale normally, so for anyone to survive him with that exact lance they either need over 48 hp or to be faster then him AND have high enough luck or good enough supports to not be crit, while avoiding any proc skills.

It’s just too much. Basically Valter gets one or the other, to move or a stupid personal weapon that isn’t fun to fight.

Personally I don’t think there should be enemy exclusive personal weapons that are that strong, above average sure but not so strong it isn’t even funny.

The strongest weapon I have in the older version of the rom I have is Basilikos a Creature Campaign exclusive weapon that has Identical Might and Hit while being 1 range with 13 weight and 0 crit. Hell all the weapons that have higher then 15 Might are either sacred weapons or are creature campaign locked, so valter randomly having a weapon that matches one of the postgame weapons is honestly unacceptable.

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I mean I get your point to an extent but I think all of the concepts talked can be implemented if done so with care.

Valter either in vanilla or in this hack is far from being a challenge so he has decent but of room for improvement… Non-throne bosses should not be stationary, it makes no sense either story or game play wise. Have Valter either spawn or start moving with reinforcements after defeating Caellach. By then you should have your army reunited and with control of the top half of the map. This is one of the major chapters in the last leg of the campaign so it should have a spike in difficulty and a few twists and turns…most of the campaign needs a higher level of difficulty overall.

Besides my idea for a weapon does come with drawbacks, no crazy Impale or anything, just a Stat booster with a drawback attached, has 10 might, 13 weight, no crit, lowerish Hit and is 1-2 range, not 1-3. Again one of the issues in both versions of the game is how much it backloads both a sizeable chunk of its difficulty and access to more exotic content into post game.

Besides this would be a boon for him, once you get him in Creature Campaign. His skill spread is decent, but not over the top (Daunt - Canto+ - Fiery Blood - Pursuit - Luna - Lancebreaker)… His stats are middle of the pack even in hard mode… And he oddly comes with a Luna tome in his final chapter so there’s that. He needs a good bit of extra spice, especially when compared to the monster that is CC Caellach

I was more saying giving Valter

That plus moving would be too much. if not completely unfair since his movement range is so large.

Honestly neither him nor callelach need anything special since they’re extra CC units.
Not everyone is going to even do that to begin with.

Maybe but before that, both are major enemies. Valter is the first major antagonist that the twins go up against and he has a decent amount of build up across the campaign as a force to be reckoned with, the only person to injure Seth. Only to end in wet fart of a boss battle. Caellach is the same, except tied to Joshua… And is also a wet fart. Besides one good about this hack is that CC are awesome and key additions to your post game army

I’m just saying there needs to be moderation, not every boss with some story presence need to be some absolute gore machine or have a weapon that makes him able to oneshot half your units, or be able to reach your entire army from turn two. Hell if you go for the boots he can reach you outright.

Scorched Sands is the one map that can’t have its bosses really messed with outside of stats due to how cramped it is and how many reinforcements there are.

I mean Vaida from FE7 in Unfulfilled Heart is basically that and she doesn’t really break anything. You kinda overestimate both the map’s annoyance and the boss potency.

Also Valter is more than just a “boss with some story presence”, he’s the primary physical threat the heroes face before Riev and Lyon take to the stage and in story he has quite a few achievements under his belt such as killing Glen and crippling Seth… He’s Vader on a dragon, but that never translated well into the game play part of the game.

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@jackofblades1991 makes some sense. I kept the weapon might low at first because I don’t know what’s his speed in the latest version.

It worked in sacred redux. Gungir’s might wasn’t dependent on Valter’s strength. Weapon’s might was attack rate. Yeah, I do think the might should be reduced and crit a little bit. Honestly, if he was supposed to be intimidating, he needs to have some things which forces you to alter your strategy.

Oh, and let’s not forget you can completely cheese him with axe units, especially Garm. The weapon will be affected by Weapon Triangle and if Valter misses (which he will due to low accuracy) he will take extra 10 damage after battle. No Nosferatu.

Maybe weapon should give him a debuff (-10 luck) because it’s cursed. That way Valter will have difficulty in hitting and dodging.

Ultimately, it’s Blood who will decide this because he needs to make it balanced for players.


I have updated it and tried to balanced it as much as I can. Honestly, if you make him any more easier he’s gonna get streamrolled by legendary weapons if they’re unbreakable in the future update.

That’s exactly what I mean.

That’s assuming he even gives Valter a personal weapon.

Personally I think if anything it should be Selena, Glenn, and Dussel who all have personal Weapons, since the were Grado’s major Generals long before Caellach, and Riev came into the picture, and considering Valter had his rank stripped from him prior and only got it back due to their king being a corpse puppet his weapon would likely have been taken and destroyed.

I mean, its actually odd that the High Generals of Grado’s army don’t have unique weapons. They could literally use weapons named after their titles to further sell their importance.

I also think it might be forgotten that the lance he stole from dussel happened before his exile, which would explain him missing it due to it likely being confiscated before he was brought to trial.

Plus I don’t think giving him a redundant weapon (since he as luna) is the best idea, it might cause some problems.

Throughout their support they’ve mentioned it several times that the weapon was so strong, they could feel it’s power without wielding it. Duessel himself said that if the weapon could be tamed then it will be without equal. So, you shouldn’t be surprised if it manages to rival the might of sacred weapon or creature campaign weapon.

Sadly yes, now I noticed that Duessel in his support mentioned that he took the lance from Valter after he realised what has happened.

That’s a pretty good idea. Maybe we can have Obsidian from Last Promise as Duessel’s personal weapon. The only thing we need is to balance it’s might because 25 might is crazy.

It can be a perfect weapon for Cormag. Now I might sound insane to people that I’m suggesting too many legendary weapons but this one literally makes sense. This lance can only be obtained via Cormag and Duessel A support. Because in that support it was mentioned that Cormag recieved that lance from Duessel and he said he was gonna master it and use it in battles. So it made no sense in vanilla that why he didn’t get that weapon.

EDIT : It’s fine if Valter can’t have that legendary spear but he should move. His personality perfectly describes the reason…

It can still be made so Valter has the cursed spear in Scorched Sands, as by that time Duessel has been branded a traitor and exiled, so he’d likely have his home and assets siezed by the crown, so it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch to imagine Valter getting his hands on the spear a second time. Maybe make it a droppable item?

And sure i can get behind the Grado Generals each having a unique weapon, much like the vanilla S-Rank weapons of FE7…depending on effects they can add new gameplay features.

EDIT: I just checked and Valter in Heroes has a personal weapon that almost matches the weapon idea that i put forward…it’s basically Fury on a stick. And also said weapon in Heroes is visually based on the spear he’s seen using in the official artwork.

Give him his heroes’ weapon, polish it a little bit, make it a droppable prf for cormag and i think we are set

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That’s exactly what I thought. Although a cutscene where Duessel explains everything to Cormag and hands over the lance to him would be nice. That will totally fit with vanilla lore.

Actually, it still wouldn’t make sense for valter to have it.

Dussel was branded traitor by Selena in the field and didn’t have his equipment seized since he actually mentions to cormag about having both spears, and plans to give the cursed one to cormag.

You keep trying to give Valter a weapon he doesn’t actually have since its currently in Dussel’s possession.

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As much as I wanted Valter to have that lance… I agree with you since I read the supports. But he can still become pretty threatening with good equipment and high movement.

For example : Killer lance, Spear, Axereaver, Horseslayer or Heavy spear.

It wouldn’t be as good as a legendary cursed lance but it’s still better.

I feel like I have to remind you guys that including that cursed lance for Valter would require a weapon icon slot that I currently don’t have… unless I start removing some items.

The good(?) news is that now I have a better understanding of flags and eventing, so Caellach/Valter will now move in to attack with their troops once the other general has fallen.


WHen you mean now, is it when the update comes, or as of the current version up for download?

Well, the main campaign (both Eirika and Ephraim) are done, and so is the Tower. All that is left is to optimize the gaiden chapter, some items and rework the skill sets. Oh, and then the Ruins.