[FE8] [Completed!] Fire Emblem: Sealed Hope (20+ Chapters)

it’s glitchy for sure

Just finished playing this hack

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Hello there, I tried playing your romhack and it was a lot of fun.
i love the story and getting all the supports/secret items was really interesting, sure there’s some grammar issues but i dont really care as long as i understand the story

so thanks you for this awesome experience

I gotta admit that the difficulity (Normal) went from fe7 experience to beyond easy on the endgame though because bond essence that literally increased all the stats + all the free boots you got on the game is 6.

Six more movements is insane.
(Ziven got his +2 moves from his ability)

I didnt use any cheats if thats what you"re going to ask

good to hear I like FE that gets easier as the game goes on. Feels like my experience paid off.

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Well i also enjoy playing a pretty easy game after suffering on a binding blade rebalance.
so thanks you so much again for creating this!.


I loves the story but i kinda wish there’s a sequel or something you can do on dlc to make Noelle and Roland forgives each other

You should probably black that out with a spoiler tag. Not every one has beaten it yet.

Done, Sorry for not putting a spoiler tag before

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