[FE8] [COMPLETE] Stormblight's Kaizo Patch (Final Relase)

So, I’m new here and new to rom hacking in general so I figured I dip my toes in by doing a kazio patch of FE8, simple right? But to me a true kaizo is when new things are added, and other things are adjusted to better fit it, and oh boy there are some changes in this patch. So if you’re looking for a much harder and brutal FE8 with some uniqueness to it, download now and see if you got what it takes to beat this kaizo patch!

Full Amina Triangle
Increased statcaps
Radiant Dawn magic effectiveness
A new weapon type! - Daggers exclusive to thief classes
The Skill system
New items and weapons
Weapon Level changes
Increased playable growths (Seth has -10 growths, trainiess+5, myrrh normal, +15 all rest)
Increased weapon triangle bonus (+30/+3)
Increased enemy stats and growths (+2/+30)
Custom Animations and Icons
New weapon types for old classes
Str/Mag split
And more!


Magic/Spell Aminations- Seal, Scared War, Blazer, Jubby, Mikey_Seregon, 7734, Scrazia, SHYUTERz, Teraspark, Arch, Lovemachine, The Big Dededester, Caladrius, BwdYeti, Alusq, Orihara_Saki, St. Jack, Aegius, PurpleMage, Square Enix, Sme, Struedelmuffin, HyperGammaSpaces,

Stat Background-CanDy

Affinity Icons- LordGlenn

Battle Screen-Sokaballa

Battle Aminations-Marlon0024, TytheBub, Team SALVAGED, blood, Seal, Aruka,
Kenpuhu, Nuramon, Leo_link, Flasuban, The_Big_Dededester, Pikmin1211, Jey the Count, RiriK, Iscaneus, Sax Marine, TBA, St jack, Moocavo, 7743, Skitty, GabrielKnight, Maiser6, JJ09.Andy, SD9K, FPZero, Riku, Pushwall, ltranc, Orihara_Saki, Ukelele, Temp, Black Mage, Wan, Sme, RRSKAI, eCut, Mycahel, Mercenary Lord, Lord_Tweed, MK404, Knabepicer, shadowofchaos, TheBlindArcher, Shtick, Spud, HyperGammaSpaces, Lisandra_Brave, DerTheVaporeon, Circleseverywhere, Alusq, Velvet Kitsune, Author_Pendragon, Eldritch Abomination, Shin19, Teraspark, MrNight48, Mycahel.

Map Sprites- TEAM SALVAGED, Nuramon, Pikmin, Der, Huichelaar, Sax Marine, JeytheCount, RobertFPY, Tordo45, L95, flasuban, Hypergammaspaces, Blood, Ash3wl, VelvetKitsune, Teraspark, Alusq, FEGirls, Skitty, TAS20xx, ZeroXA, CamusZekeSirius, MeatOfJustice, Knabepicer, Rexacuse, Peerless, WarPath, Aruka, Kenpuhu, NYZgamer3, Seal, Leo_Link, Alice, TBA, Topazlight, Glaceo, blood, Dei, dondon151, FE7fi, Rasdel, SHYUTERz, Ash3wl, Rasdel.

Item Icons- LordGlenn, Zelik, Beansy, Lisandra Brave, Scared Stones, Ereshkigal, Zane, CamTech075, WhydidImakethisaccount, Thunder Mage, Leif, 2WB, Stormblight, Snakey1, Zarg, SmithyGCN, Soulblazer, Alice, Cardface.

Class Cards- IS, ZoramineFae, flashburn, RobertFPY, Topazlight, SamirPlayz, L95, GigaExcalibur, Shtick, Scraiza, Sword of EaH, Pushwall, HyperGammaSpaces, Pikmin, Leif, Der, Blademaster, ltranc, Orihara_Saki, CamusZekeSirius, Jj09, Aruka, Yggdra, Nuramon, St jack, Huichelaar, Seal, Spud, N426, Max Limit, Melia, Rasdel, Serif, Demonlemon.

Portaits- , AmBrosiac, LaurentLacroix, topazlight, Exca, Kanna, Nuramon, LaurentLacroix, Raymond, L95, Splice Gustabo, MeatofJustice, Free, Sterling Glovner, MrGreen3339, SamirPlayz, Melia, Yasako, Atey, RedBean, Nuramon, JeyTheCount, HyperGammaSpaces, ZeMedic, Zoura, Blade, Garytop, Cardface, Tobiki, Wasdye, Yang Kai, Sphealnuke, Matthieu, DutchInovert, CranJam, Generic Pretsel, HyperGammaSpaces, CanDy, HyperGammaSpaces, Epicer, MemeStarAlbert, Plant_Academy.

Skill Aminations- Mariode, Kenpuhu, GratedShtick, Mikey_Seregon, SHYUTERz.

Music- Mycahel, RandomWizard, Sme, Swift Saturn, ShinKuma, MrGreen3339, MeatofJustice, Scariza, A Realibe Chair, hypergammaspaces, Retina, Dolkar, Dethraxx, Tristian Hollow, Stormblight?

Skill Icons- Jeorge Reds, Dancer_A, MeatofJustice, SaXor the Nobody, MrGreen3339

Download here!-Dropbox - Kazio Patch - Simplify your life
Special Thanks: Blood, Retina


If I may ask, why the big nerf to Seth?

Three Reasons:

I don’t want the player to over rely on him.
Paladins which despite him having a custom class which is paladin based have the full physical weapon triangle.
He has a powerful prf with a mostly useful skill on it.

Fair enough. Would he fall off terribly towards the end? I usually like to take Seth to endgame(always had a thing for the jeigan paladins).

Mostly likey

Will you potentially improve maps?

No not really

I did add the cracked wall in 5x and removed doors in endgame so…

Update So I noticed some things got messed up in the link so I be temporary be taking it down

Okay this should be the last change if I got everything right.

Fixed the tomes prices being to cheap

Has this game been playtested? I am asking because Ephraim mode is impossible to beat.

And this is not me exagerating, in ch10 duessel dies in turn 2 without the player having control.
Is there something I am missing?

Also on an unrelated note, why did you made overworld skirmishes repeat the chapters they are in? Like for example if I find a monster in ch4 I will have to actually play ch4 all over again, events included. (Really hope this is a bug)

FIrstly No it hasn’t been playtested (Don’t worry future things will be I just did this to because first project lol) Secondly i must have forgotten about that lv 12 beresker was might to be lv 2 like the others and has been moved, dussel has been buffed to counter that, the third thing is a bug I don’t know how it happened

Thanks for the answer, I will try then to report anything I feel out of place so you can check it out (if you want anyway).

Hope this first project was fun to make btw.

It was thanks for trying it though!

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Ladies and gentiana I would like to say that final version of this has been completed

The knife only do 2 of damage or was suppose to pierce defense?

Is 1.5 the latest release?

Fixed damage and pierced defenses

Yes but I do have another coming that changes the game up a little

I think you better call some players to test him on discord