[FE8][Complete]Fire Emblem: War on Two Fronts v1.3 (Final Release)

Just finished playing despite your recommendation to skip this and go straight to the sequel.
For sure down the line I’d like to play more works by you!

Played ironman-lite (only reset for gameover or softlock) and blind. All promotions were done at level 20.

I found the first half to be challenging but not unreasonable, second half was pretty average difficulty wise.

General thoughts


  • I really liked the mugs!
  • I liked prep armory stock changing and no markup.
  • Nice Prfs
  • 6 mov dancer, 5 mov armor (and 6 general)!
  • Refreshing to have multiple really solid bow-units
  • I liked having not-rare access to range 1-3 anima.
  • Anima split cool
  • Grew to like not-strong lord. Although mine eventually wound up decent
  • 20 stats caps are nice
  • refreshing to not have save-the-world stakes


  • Red background was annoying at first but got used to it
  • Lack of emotion on mugs in conversation was funny
  • Longbow access felt a tad lacking, but at the same time never were so heavily used it became a problem so much as a resource to conserve.

Final team (Lost Dancer in endgame1 and didn’t feel anyone was worth adding)


  • 100 slot convoy felt slightly limiting but may be a me-issue with hoarding.
  • Wasn’t fond of trading or support taking “more of an action” than vanilla.
  • Didn’t like river mov change from vanilla. Seems to cost more to cross and at least one class in vanilla that could, can’t.
  • Wasn’t fond of % combat skills such as Ignis, Luna. Despoil was fine as it’s not directly combat related.

Ch7 and Ch9 show turn timer before starting the map, something not all hacks do. I appreciate it being visible.
Ch9 not fond of speedwing to steal showing up on final turn, I think most players will miss it first time through. Showing up 1 turn earlier could go a long way.
Ch10 was a nice break from what felt like lots of hectic maps
Ch14 village timers felt too tight. Like Ch9 a turn earlier spawn (just, 5 mov further away) would help a lot. I think most players will lose 1 village in a first playthrough.
Ch15 lack of even a few sand, forst or plain tiles meant several units had just 1 tile movement. Not fun.
Ch24 Ambush spawn was not fun.

Bugs and/or oddities
  • Enemy bishops have Anima rank for some reason
  • Fire sage (enemy only class) lack a class skill
  • Ch14 objective says seize throne, but its actually a gate.
  • Ch15 the western village doesn’t close after visit, allowing for infinite staves
  • Ch20 hitting start to skip conversation of lord and boss leads to black screen
  • Ch21 throne room door can’t be opened, forcing Warp use to clear map.
  • Ch23 has a misplaced tile (Snowy village NE corner) near first set of forts. Also, Village entrance turns to a black tile instead of closed gate after interacting.
Rambly unit thoughts

Sally - Lack of base str really holds her back, ending up benching shortly after having a greater roster than deploy number. Useful prf for earlygame.
Ferrus - Jaigen. High aid, effective weapon, canto, savior and leadership star all nice. Ended up deploying nearly every map. That being said, a little more spd (growth or base) or just staves would’ve made them a lot more viable past earlygame.
Darran - Early tank. Personal seems a little silly and imo would’ve been better suited for either spd, def, res or str for defiant. No real complaints other than below average speed but he’s a tank after all. Canto always nice.
Coretta - First death! Ch2.
Elysa - Great anti-cav and superb personal when paired with Gawain. Struggled a little early and never got a ton of speed but overall solid unit.
Gawain - The carry. From recruitment until fairly late into the run was my mvp. At 235 battles also so the most combat. High def and not even terribly slow with promotion.
Lasara - Secondary Ace. Canto+ allowed for a lot of hit and run, even moreso with boots. Miracle personal also came in handy plenty. Kind of wish she promoted into griffon knight for the extra crit though.
Maple - Died ch6
Godfrey - Decent offensively and I recall using effective weapons for some great player phase stuff but benched before long due to terrible def/res. I could imagine that promoted, would dish out a lot of crits.
Eirinn - Initially used for Gawain support but ended up keeping in party for last half of game. Great spd, and just decent all around but really wasn’t needed in the team.
Anna - Died ch5
Kalma - Ace! Mine got def-blessed and later given all talismans. Hit hard with magic, was fast and could tank physical amazingly. Also my first staff user to survive.
Cassius - Great unit made even better with his insane prf. Break Bow did a lot of heavy lifting throughout the hack. Reached endgame 2 with a single durability left, wound up getting my only hammere cast.
Joan - Died ch14. From what I recall had so-so growths but solid bases. Reposition is fantastic but they sadly didn’t live.
Kestrel - Awesome personal skill but ended up not using them much. Solid potential though.
Bertram - Nihil didn’t actually get much use, but a high spd/mag/luk unit that especially melted wyverns. Thunder even has some crit bonus. Really good unit.
Fleta - Died ch11. From what I recall wasn’t too impressive anyway although +3 AS on player phase could’ve been nice
Marina - Wasn’t room on my team, but solid potential. Great personal.
Caryle - Point blank, leadership star, +6def at range one… What’s not to like? Wound up lacking space to be permanent on my team but good unit.
Luelle - Saw combat exactly once. Charge would’ve been better promote skill imo. Seems very useable just didn’t need.
Altras - Gawain but better. He too capped str and def (although less res), but also capped spd and has charge. Provoke wasn’t as helpful as anticipated.
Zaion - Amazing prf, saw combat once. Bases/growths just felt a little low for that point in the game
Nanami - Dancer is dancer. Although this one is pretty tanky too! Died to a wrong-input during endgame 1
Daban - Never saw combat! Too little too late, stat wise.
Bonnie - Support unit. Barely saw combat but did a ton of healing and rescue into canto. Great personal skill.
Flynn - I really like the personal but just wasn’t enough room on my team. Maybe if base str or spd were a little higher… or I had lost more units.
Shinji - Cool class! Mostly support unit, but rally spd was INSANE. 10/10 support. Steal and 7 mov was fun although took longer than it should have to get my 30% roll to cap spd. That being said, his prf felt terribly weak. Making it magic could help.
Auspan - too little too late. Meh stats for when they show up
Salford - Glass cannon but a great unit. Canto+ go brr
Eurio - too little too late
Roawn - Same.
Boromias - got deployed for 1 map. Smite is nice and so is leadership star and personal, but spd was just too bad.
Nyra - Suprise unit! Kind of fine? Only killed the 1 bolting sage.
Varis - Really weak early. yay for two prfs though, both of which still had some durability by end. Eventually capped spd for me.

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Just wanted to say I will put this hack on my watch list and properly play it later when I have the time thanks to your in depth review thanks man.

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Hey started playing recently and currently have a problem in chapter 4. It won’t let me get through the door where Kalm and Anna are. Tried the lockpick and the unlock staff and it doesnt give me the option to open it.

Man what can I say but you made a great RomHack!
I love the Anima Split: Wind user against Pegasi, Fire user against Cavalry and Thunder user against Wyverns. I have use all of my Anima Mages for the first time in a Fire Emblem Game just because of this split.
Boromias became surprisingly my favorite unit with how he change from the main bad guy and bad king to a decent king with his amazing prf weapon and animation in the end.(Plus that skill that let him heal equal to the ammount of Magic power he has is Super Sweet)
I love the story as a whole and seeing the growth of Varis made me feel immense joy and pride.

No matter how you personally feel about this hack and how “it was not your best work” and yes there are many things I don’t like about this hack but they are minor compare to the entire hack as a whole(Chapter 15 sand map because my force use mainly cavalry, Regular enemy has max stat defense and the final boss having the ability to refresh her action ) .
To me this Hack was awesome and I am glad I dedicated my time to playing it.
I hope you can feel my joy and take pride in what you have made.

Thank You Very Much for making such a fun and sometime annoying hack. :joy:

I wish you all the best for the future my friend!

wait so what’s the sequel??

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