[FE8][Complete]Fire Emblem: War on Two Fronts v1.3 (Final Release)

oh no
my save oof
nvm let’s play the hack despite sally being not that op
who’s zaion?
Actually I think speed is not too op (you nerfed it into same as its avo boost) (except lasara having high speed letting her to dodge tank with luck)
Enemy hit is somehow pretty low
I dont think theres any differences in early chapters?

Literally every axe users have pathetic mag bade and growths
And halberdier only gets grid master? So much for having to be lance locked
And since that guy was promoting into an assassin maybe you shd give him more skill growth instead of str
(No thief so your forced to use anna if you wanna steal)
Actually I think theres no noticable difference (except smaller maps)?
Dude why did elysa have str growth shes a mage

New chap bottom house
‘Locked up’ instead of up
Lol the boss could just defect

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“Expect fairly frequent update” lmao no

Yes, it has been six months, yes, you’ve forgotten who I am and no, I wasn’t doing anything particularly important. I’ve been sitting on this mostly finished for a very long time seemingly rendered unable to release it through the power of sheer burnout.

As for what’s changed, well, there’s a fair amount.

What's new

Now goes up to Chapter 15, for a total of 16 playable chapters.
Additional stealable items have been distributed across enemies.
Outlaws and Assassins now have Steal instead of Locktouch.
Fixed the majority of character portraits, mainly minimugs, and changed some palettes and map sprites for better consistency.
Altras’s death no longer causes the graphics to explode.
Chest Keys and Door Keys have been added to the preparations armory.
All units can now S rank multiple weapon types.
Restored promoted level caps to their vanilla values.
Doubled EXP yield for staves.
Changed Ferrus’s class name and stat caps to reflect it being considered first tier.

Supports are halfway done, four chapters need to be built, then I’m going to make some alterations to the game’s dialogue, then it’ll be done. I promise that the next patch won’t take half a year to come out for no reason.

The Patch



after ch14 , fleta is nowhere to be find, is this intended?

That’s an extremely weird glitch. I’ll have to look into that.

EDIT: The fourth unit in the deployment order is erased at the start of Chapter 15. I have no idea why that happens, but as soon as I’ve figured out why it does, I’ll replace the patch file.

EDIT 2: Fixed that bug, as well as Chapter 2 being incorrectly set as a rout chapter instead of a defeat boss chapter. If you already reached Chapter 15, restart the chapter and your units will load properly. I hope. If they don’t, watch the event once, restart the chapter and skip it.

I’m really enjoying the game so far but shouldn’t varis have a support for larisa because their old friends

Hi. You might be wondering where I’ve been the past few months. Well, I have indeed been working on the hack. However, I went back to the drawing board for much of it. Hopefully by the time I’m done with what I’m doing, the hack will be much better for it, but I have chosen not to release a new patch until the entire game can be played through to completion. I’m shooting for a July release date, but that may get pushed back to August. The wait will be worth it, I’m sure.



don’t lie to me, I know of your multidimensional existence.

seriously though I hope she’s playable, we don’t get enough playable Annas

I initially read the title as War on Two Fonts and thought this was a shitpost hack until I saw the story, good luck on the project

Anna is indeed playable, yes.

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So, quick update: It’s done! That’s right, the hack is finished. The only thing that needs to be done now is a round of playtesting with some very forgiving friends. The thread should be updated with the new patch and everything by Friday at the latest.


Super exited for the final release! Been following this project for sometime now and am glad to finally see it come to fruition. I wish you luck in your final round of play testing!

Hope your hack reach its satisfying conclusion with the playtesting.

It’s here! The patch is in the original post, along with all the new information.

This hack has consumed the last year and a half of my life. Looking back on it, this is what I’ve spent almost all my spare time on. It’s done now, and I don’t really have any intentions of continuing to do any work on it, unless it becomes urgent for whatever reason, like someone finding a game-breaking bug. I’d go back and replace a lot of the F2U portraits left in the game, but I’m only one man, I made this by myself and I have the artistic talent of a monkey. It was hard enough doing what I’ve already done.

I hope you enjoy it regardless.


I’ve been looking forward to this for a bit now, congratulations! I’ll give my feedback when I get a good grasp on some chapters or do a full review, either way I know it’ll be a blast!

Hello there ! I have an issue, not with he game, but the google sheet explaining the characters. I don’t know if it’s been mentionned before, but it’s not in public access. And… That’s all.

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Sorry, I am a monkey. Fixed that now.

a little something about the story would be nice too.

Neat game, just one question, are the stat caps for promoted units supposed to be 20?

Yes, they are, with the exception of Luck and HP.


Thank You for this hack, was fun and little hard at the end.

( Game was missing my FAV class swordmaster though )