[FE8][Complete] Fire Emblem: Heavens Fall (1.1 Release)

I’ve spent so long during development trying to get this chapter to work correct that at this point I’m just going to change the objective. There’s a new patch in the OP you can apply.


Chapter 1 now has an additional message at the beginning explaining the Guide function.

Reworked Chapter 3 (Again):

  • The northwesternmost house is now the only way to open the barracks door. Dialog has been changed to reflect this, and now any unit can open it (Although Aleyna still has unique dialog if she visits the house.)
  • A second village-closing soldier now spawns on Turn 6. In addition, if either soldier reaches the northwesternmost house, it’s game over.
  • The Turn 1 event will now change depending on if Molly is injured.


Bug - Rodion and Rosa cant steal items with Thievery skill from any1, only open doors and chests while the discription says they can open locks and steal!!

It’s working for me, so I can only assume that their inventories are full, in which case the steal command won’t appear.

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This is the 1st time i have seen the steal command not appear when inventory full, good to know!

Edit: @captainfisting Thanks for this hack, the story was ok and the difficulty of normal mode was hard but fair balanced wich is always a good thing!!
Loved the custom classes and weapons, and i shed some tears of joy hearing Suikoden music!!!

Good luck with ur next project!

Found an error in chapter 3. If you visit the top left house with anyone besides Aleyna, the gate doesn’t open and the map can’t be completed. You just forgot to add the tile change line for when someone else visits the house.

Alright, I’ve fixed that now, this is what happens when you assume you’ve done something correctly

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In chapter 3, Rodion’s stats page mentions “Talk: Aleyna” like Molly, but has no talk command (or speech bubble icon on map) when approaching until after she joins the player.

This is the 1.1 release. You can find it in the OP. It includes numerous bugfixes, some balance tweaks and some additional content I felt was missing from the initial release.

Patch Notes

General Changes:

  • Units with +15 Crit will now display it as a skill.
  • Summons can now only spawn with Silver Axes. They can also actually use them now (oops)
  • Artem now has a new portrait, courtesy of Goldblitzx
  • Reduced the price of Earth Seals from 20000 to 5000
  • Fixed the MAG cap of the female soldier class.
  • Added 9 new support pairings to flesh out certain characters.

Chapter 2:

  • Added a tutorial prompt to make the chapter objective clearer.

Chapter 3:

  • The Turn 6 reinforcement soldier can now actually use his Axereaver (oops)

Chapter 4:

  • Increased Kalma’s base Speed to 9 (up from 8)
  • Maxence now has a Luna tome instead of a Flux tome. In addition, the Storm Sword starts at the top of his inventory. These changes were made to prevent him from being able to one round Kalma when she uses Luna.
  • Anna now joins with a new personal weapon, replacing her Killing Edge. The Killing Edge instead drops from the Bonewalker who originally had a Silver Sword.

Chapter 13:

  • Shinji’s base HP has been increased to 32 (up from 28). This prevents him from being killed in one hit by wyverns in some chapters. He also now spawns with a new personal weapon.

Chapter 19:

  • The Scorpion Tail has been moved from a chest in Chapter 20 to the house that previously contained a White Gem.

Chapter 20:

  • Reinforcements now start from Turn 6 instead of Turn 4.
  • The chest that originally contained the Scorpion Tail now contains a new (or, perhaps, old) weapon.
  • The boss now drops a unique tome.

Chapter 21:

  • All reinforcements now start 1 turn later.
  • The boss now drops the Kvasir tome.
  • The snipers now drop their stat boosters, instead of needing to steal them.


  • The boss now spawns in the proper location.

I’ve started working on Hard Mode, but my plans have proven to be more ambitious than I originally suspected. Only Chapter 1 is currently finished. As such, I’ve disabled difficulty select until it’s in a more complete state. If you want to get an idea of what it’ll be like when it’s done, you can crack open the rom and re-enable Hard Mode at your leisure.


There was one big problem with WoTF, and that was the promotion caps. Otherwise, I enjoyed it greatly, especially with the inclusion of PMD music. I hope this is something special.

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yeah, I feel similar to the post above. Forgive my ignorance if that was mentioned/asked before but, are the caps 20 again for this game?

The caps here are more what you’d expect in vanilla.

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I am here to submit a bug report. If you start a file and complete the first chapter, and then try to start another file, while playing first chapter, visiting ANY item house ends the chapter.

is there casual?

On chapter 14, so far a definite favorite of mine. I just wanted to see if I got all of the items in the desert.
I found:

-Eternity (light tome)
-Brave lance
-Knight crest
-White gem
-Warp staff

Yes, you did get all of the items in the desert.


Awesome. When I saw the guide say in one of the earlier chapters, “There’s no reward for saving the green units, they just distract enemies,” I knew this one was a keeper.

Hello guys. I am newbie. I am report about black screen in chapter 11. I was try finish this chapter 11 then pop up black screen. Can anyone tell me this?

This isn’t a lot to go on, so please answer as many of these questions as you can for me:
What emulator are you using?
When exactly does the black screen pop up?
How many of the red units did you kill?
Did you receive any gold?
Were you skipping events?

This was really enjoyable. Was refreshing not having a Mary Sue lord character. Good job, I think I’m going to give this a replay.

Hi, i am also having the black screen after the Chapter with the Wolfskins. I am using Visual Boy Advanced. I did kill some of the red and all the green. I did not skip but after the screen went black i loaded a savestate and then tried to skip but then it is stuck on blank screen.