[FE8] [Complete] Fire Emblem: Euphoria

—Eirika and Seth go on a journey in a foreign land. They will face fierce challenges in order to rescue two girls, Lyn and Ninian.

—They will cross the paths of never-before-seen enemies. Unknown to their world, they will face a big twist waiting to disturb the gods of time.

—War in the great continent of Emmeria has brought a great instability to the universe, and now they all must face the consequences of humanity’s sins.

This game contains 6 chapters and 1 Extra chapter unlocked during chapter 1.


Prologue: A Mission For Knights
Chapter I: Enslavement
Chapter Ix: Death Railway
Chapter II: Discipline
Chapter III: Subordination
Chapter IV: Sadism
Chapter V: Last Hope
Chapter VI: Compassion















FE8 - Euphoria (FEU Edition)

FE8 - Euphoria (FEU Edition + HP Bar)


CGs and Backgrounds: {Dark}, {FRG BlackBurn}, {Fallout 4}, {ManlyBadassHero}, {Gakuen Shinshoku: XX of the Dead}, {Ace Combat}, {Ebinku}, {Helheim}.


(In reference to the Warnings Section)
So the game in its current state will be the final version, regardless of anything incomplete?

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Why am I seeing the Advance Wars tanks???

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If smth has maboi Seth involved, you get my instalike.
btw, tanks looks cool!

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Yes. At least for now. I’m going to change the [Complete] to [Unfinished] but I will only finish after getting my health to a better degree.

Lol, It’s the great continent of Emmeria, they are on the year 2017.

I’m glad you liked it. Luckily if my health gets better I want to add few things that will bring a sense of ‘‘being unique’’ to the game.

The project is no more dead, now it is as a phoenix, reborn

What will pack a punch in the next update:

New Sprites

Durandal Lyn

Battle Animations For Mobile Anti Air Missile Launcher System

Anti-Air, now named as SPAAG + description

Changing the silly ending of the last chapter to the TRUE ENDING I wanted from the beginning!


Guys, it’s happening. I’m stipulating 2 weeks to release the pre-final version. After that, there will be bug fixes and the introduction of some patches in a separate version.

A few spoilers to fill your curiosity

I like to code events, a lot!

New revamped dialogues and texts

New classes goes brbrbrbr


Hi, everyone! It’s taking me longer than anticipated to finish the project. However, with some good will, I believe I can finish it during these last days of the year!

So, in order to maybe satisfy your curiosity! Here are some screenshots of the last build.

Custom Battle Animation




Custom Icons


Why delaying so much?
A: I’m really sorry for all this delay! But I want to upload this project in peak condition, which means polishing a lot of assets that I believe will make a great addition to the game.


For everyone waiting, here is the download link. It contains 3 Versions of the game.

  1. FEU Edition = The default experience and what I designed the game to be.
  2. HP Bar = This version contains the patch for HP Bars.
  3. HP Bar + Hard = This version contains HP Bars and an extremely hard experience for those who think they can oppose God.

Know Bugs
  1. Magic Animations may glitch the screen. This is a visual glitch and won’t affect gameplay.
  2. During the ending, 3 characters won’t appear. Includes Seth, Eirika and both COs from the factions.


FE8 - Euphoria (FEU Edition)

FE8 - Euphoria (FEU Edition + HP Bar)

FE8 - Euphoria (FEU Edition + HP Bar + Hard)

Disclaimer: This is very likely the final version, however, if you spot something amiss in the game, you can DM or send it here too.
Let’s not trouble the staff with silly reasons, shall we?


will check this out because I love Seth and Erika as a pair.

Typo: “Take my arm” not “Take my army”

Strange Yellow pixel on Seth unit. Disappear after ending the turn.

Strange Pixlel appear again on this chapter

I figure it out the HP Bar under the unit is glitching out so that is why the strange pixel is showing up

Some of the Advance War units is missing their entire face :face_vomiting:

The blackness in their face is horifying

Oh they were wearing black mask:

typo:Your Wound are getting worse:

The Music and sound sometime cut off or radio static got mix in with the music. I am Playing on mGBA

Using F117 to attack Formantis freeze the game. Turning off animation does not fix the problem


Witch with a T.

thanks for the hack it was INTERESTING.
I see you are a fan of Ace Combat too. I was surprise when I saw the name Belkan.
But for the love of God fix The Freezing Bugswhen attacking Formantis with the F117. It really destroy my enjoyment of the hack

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About Issue Reported

Take my arm” not “Take my army”

typo:Your Wound are getting worse:

Witch with a T.

Noted! I will fix these grammar mistakes!

Strange Pixel appear again on this chapter

I think I have an idea of what could be causing this. I will try to fix it as a top priority.

The Music and sound sometime cut off or radio static got mix in with the music. I am Playing on mGBA

I will do some testing, the music may have some glitched instruments in it.

Using F117 to attack Formantis freeze the game. Turning off animation does not fix the problem

But for the love of God fix The Freezing Bugswhen attacking Formantis with the F117. It really destroy my enjoyment of the hack

I thought I had fixed this issue before uploading! I will dig in to fix this issue.

I’m happy you liked it! It took me a few months to accomplish the end of this chapter, and your comment really makes me feel profound joy.
I will address and fix the issue you reported. Thanks again for playing and helping me by sharing those bugs!

<< Everybody! Attention! Attention! >>

If you are in the last level DON’T use the F-117 “Stealth Fighter” to attack any units. For some reason, the game is breaking, and I’m currently thinking about what could work to solve this bug.

Any other bugs addressed in diealot post are being fixed or worked on.

I will focus on fixing these bugs during this week; however, I cannot make any promises due to other projects taking up a lot of my time.

I shall address this as soon as I can!

<< Thank you all! Godspeed! >>


Hey buddy, how’s the bug fixing going?I really like your hack, can I translate it into Chinese and introduce it to Chinese players?Would you mind releasing the download address again? These links are no longer working.



Definitely! I give you 100% permission.

Unfortunately, I got into a “wall” and I stopped working on my projects due to real life. But it should be temporary. At least for a couple of months.

I wasn’t even aware the links were broken! :confounded:
I will share new links as soon as possible. If you don’t mind waiting some more time, eventually I will release the bug fixed version. But it could take more time.

If you want, you can DM me, so I can send the current version and explain how they are both separated.

Sorry for the late reply! :confounded:



I’m sorry I can’t get back to you now because of the time difference.It’s nice to get your message.There’s no problem at all waiting for you to fix it before you start working on translation.You don’t have to rush. I’ll be patient. :smiling_face:

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<< Everybody! Attention! Attention! >>

I’m happy to announce a fixed version of FE8 - Euphoria and the final version of it.

I’m having a very short time to work on my projects due to real life, but I decided to 100% focus on this project so I could finish it at least!

Download Link

FE8 - Euphoria

FE8 - Euphoria + HP Bars

What changed?

  1. Grammar mistakes were fixed.
  2. F117 was changed to a MLRS unit.
  3. New music was added to the last chapter.
  4. Landcruiser now has an animation.

If you see something amiss, DM me right away so I can fix it! And it includes anything that is not fit to be shown here as well as bugs.

<< Thank you all! Godspeed! >>