[FE8][COMPLETE] A Vestrian Tale (1.2, November 3rd 2023 update)

Hello peeps, a new chapter got released. This thing has been in basically complete state on my laptop for almost two weeks. I thought I would be able to complete chapter 8 before the start of my vacation, by I got distracted by some rather trivial matters and now I am out of time. Nevertheless, a sizable chunk of writing for chapter 8 is done and just waits to be inserted.
Well, I’m going for a swim. Have a good one lads, see you soon.


Greetings, peeps. After almost 3 years, the game is finally complete. I am pretty sure there are still some rough spots around the edges, but there is always room for improvement.
I thought I would be in the mood for grandious statements after all this time, but eh, I think I’ve
changed my mind. I am simply pretty satisfied to have delivered a complete project, even if I took a lot of time. With that being said, have fun with the hack. I am eagerly waiting for yer feedback B)


Hack good.


Congrats on the release Roze! I played a build of Vestrian Tale a long time ago and it was one of my favorite demos around. Currently up through Chapter 2 right now and this hack rocks. I really enjoy how you have utilized and balanced the Capture mechanic (probably my favorite part of the hack) because of how much it can affect the way you engage fights as well as how often enemies have good items worth taking. Enemies are fair and hit decently hard, story is good so far, and units are fun to use and each have fun little niches that they fill (and when they don’t, you rounded them out with a skill that gives them one). Great stuff Roze, really enjoying this so far (except for the two 99% hit rates I’ve missed so far :slight_smile: )!

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Thank you for the kind words, I am glad you are enjoying yourself. Missing a 99 is an integral part of the experience, ya will get lucky next time :wink:

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Congratulations Roze! This game looks really interesting, I’m looking forward to playing it!

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Greetings peeps. Fire Emblem E3 is right around the corner. The proper time to deliver some goodies.
A lot of people have played AVT in the last couple of weeks and for that I am thankful. I took notice of the feedback given by several players and I made some changes to the game based on their suggestions. I am not a changelog guy, so over here you I will very quickly enumerate the overall changes:

  1. The enemies in chapter 7, 8 and Finale have been slightly buffed. Capturing in those chapters is going to be a challenge to be reckon with, but by that point of the game your inventory should be plumper than a figgy pudding.
  2. Ms. Parsley, Alyssa and Terry got some buffs. Some are much more visible than others. These units are definitely not going to change the tides of battles, they were never intended to be anything too special. But they are probably a more interesting option than before.
  3. I hunted and fixed some bugs. Is the rom completely bug free? I do not thing so; certain critters were difficult to pin up due to their high volatility.

And that’s it for now. I might touch up some other stuff in the future, but for now I am quite satisfied with the state of the ROM.
With that being said, stay safe and enjoy Fire Emblem E3!


Hello, beautiful people. Fire Emblem E3 has descended upon us! The trailer for AVT was dropped a few hours ago.

Watching all of the presentations made in the past years makes me kinda nostalgic.
Stay tuned for more FEE3 goodies, this year has some true bangers, such as Two Milkmen Go Comedy, Drums of War, (epic) Pokémblem, Cerulean Coast and many many more.
Stay safe fellas, have a good one.


Greetings fellas, new update has dropped.
Here’s the list of the changes:


-Liquirizia’s speed growth is adjusted to 60%.
-New Graceful Charity: 20 fix damage, 100 hit, cannot double, debuffs Atk/Spd/Luck by 3.
-Every “lore” house gives 50 exp.
-Master Seals cost 3500 gold. No further capturable master seals have been implemented in the game.
-The number of units usable in Finale has been raised to 11.
-Lotsa Kash’s strenght has been fixed.
-The Chapter 6 End Event bug has been fixed.
-New event inserted.
-Iblis’ final quote has been fixed.
-Ch.5 Ally BGM has been fixed.
-Ranger movement has been increased by 1.
-Bipatte aquires Swap.
-Chapter 7 reinforcement numbers has been reduced.
-Enemies in chapter 7 have been debuffed.
-Iblis and Jerez are now force deployed in chapter 4.
-Chapter 5 enemy density has been reduced.
-Northern snag has been added in chapter 5.
-“Girlboss Marzano” and “Lord Alva” are no more.
-Liquirizia/Alyssa convo fixed.
-Aged Cheese description has been changed.
-Chapter 8 enemy density has been slightly reduced.
-Enemies in chapter 8 got a slight debuff.
-Brave sword merc removed from Finale.

In the last weeks, a good amount of bugs and typos were found, plus I needed to correct some buffs made in 1.1, I went a little bit too heavy in certain areas. With that being said, have a good one peeps, stay safe.


Greeting fellas. @lowres is cooking an AVT 0% growths LTC, make sure to give it a look :eyes:


Yeah the hack’s pretty good imo.