[FE8] Class ability to rescue without penalty to Skill and Speed

I need an ASM hack that would allow a specified class-unit
to rescue another allied unit
without (the unit that does the rescuing) losing the half Skill and Speed as penalty for the action.

…and another small question:
Is there a way to make Female+Mounted units to have the same rescue points as Male+Mounted?
For males it is: 25 - CON = Rescue capacity
For females it’s: 20 - CON = Rescue Capacity
It should be a byte change but maybe it is more than it looks like?

For the latter, change 18A10 from 0x14 to 0x19. Alternatively, if you want to make unpromoted mounts of both genders use 20 and promoted mounts use 25, change 189E4 to 80 00 and 189EA to 09 D0.

How do you want to check the Savior ability? Is it a character/class ability? If so, which one? If not, are you hardcoding it to a specific class?


Awesome, THX!


I was hoping as a class ability (using one of the four class bytes)
without it over-riding some of the other default “skills”
or hindering the “renewal” / “vantage” / “hextator” patches.

Still, if it is easier to create, hardcoding it to “Great Knight” would be ok too.

But specifically, which ability?

I started working on it under the assumption it was based on class ID. You make a list of classes that have this skill and terminate it with a 00.

-> Class Ability 3 - 0x40 “Different Triangle Attack”

I think this isn’t used anywhere?

-> Awesome thx!

While it isn’t used, the extra triangle attack is the FE6 Knight triangle attack, and it works in 7 and 8 (and by works, I mean it has the animation and everything for knights/generals triangle attacking.)

Here you go. Patch with EA 9.12 or higher.

Successfully patched it, but now how do you define which class has the ability?

Also the Skill and Speed bars in the stat screen look weird like they are maxed:

When the skill isn’t “active” it looks normal like this:

Oops, forgot to say, didn’t I? It checks for the extra triangle attack (0x40 in class ability 3).

As to the blue bars disappearing…I’ll look into that. That didn’t happen when I tested it, but I just patched it and I have the same issue.

EDIT: Fixed. Redownload.

Just tested it and it works as it should. Amazing!

Thx a lot man/ma’am!