FE8 Chapter 1 Event question

Hey guys, so I’m pretty new to eventing and I’m using FeBuiderGBA.

In FE 8 Chapter 1 there is an enemy spawn event triggered by a range condition. Currently the event triggers if Erika moves in that range. Is there a way to change the trigger so that any allied unit will set it off?

(Currently the chapter can be easily cheesed by having Seth rescue Erika)


I believe this change to the event should do the trick. The screenshot below is my edit to the event called by the range condition.

See how I have changed the first command in the event from being a specific character to the command for any unit in the army? This should allow the flag to be set and the reinforcements to be triggered no matter which unit enters the range.

As for the part about the chapter being cheesed, well, this is Sacred Stones, notoriously one of the easiest, if not THE easiest, game in the series. Seth can pretty much cheese the entire game by himself. But I do agree this small edit helps a bit!

Hopefully this helps!