[FE8] Changing monster spawns

I’m doing a mod of FE8 and used some of the monster slots to create new classes so I’d like to change monster spawns so those classes don’t show up in Tower of Valni and so on. I’m using FEBuilder and found the area with Monster Spawn Rates and Monster Item Rates and changed those, but the problem persists. Is there something I’m missing?

BTW, I’m also using the Skill System 20200223 mod.

You have forgotten to attach report7z.

What’s that? Sorry, I’m not very programmer savvy.

please send report7z.

This is due to the fact that I set the monster’s class setting in UnitPlacer.
I didn’t know this for the first time because I don’t make much use of monsters.
When a unit is flagged as a monster, the table specified by the class ID will be used as a lottery table ID.
In vanilla, the ClassID for this unit is specified as 0x00.

However, you have specified ClassID 0x5F.
The lottery table is only available from 0x00-0x1C.
This caused me to break through the wall of the lottery table and refer to the data in the odd area.
As a result, units such as Lord have been placed.

There are two proposed amendments.

  1. Set the ClassID of this monster to 0 in UnitPlacer.
    In this case, it is drawn from the 0th data in the lottery table.

2. In UnitPlacer, turn off the monster flag for this monster.
In this case, the 0x5F Revenant set to ClassID will appear.