[FE8] Can you make a third route?

Well, huh, topic. I just wanted to remaster FE7 with FE8 template but I have other uses for this. If anyone has any idea on how to tackle this much appreciated.

You could go the Elibean Nights route and do it in regards to talking to a character, I’d imagine there’d be a way to event it where when you talk to like one of three people on a map it’ll take you to the next chapter which is on one path and a different person would take you to a different chapter on a different path?

But also, did FE7 have three paths? You could just do the Lyn path at the start and with the split then go into Hector and Eliwood.

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It felt cheap to copy Archie’s work but you could say I don’t have many other options on that regard so ok.

Lyn is a bonafide tutorial and everyone may take it as such me included but it has a full 10 chapters length so in my respect, she counts as a route.

Like the first Eirika maps, but skippable on hard.

Routes are just determined by chapter, all you’d need to do is a bit of ASM for a menu (or some other type of workaround using events)