[FE8] Brave Effect and Skill System


I was trying to implement the remastered brave effect to my ROM which already has the Skill System, but after I insert the patch the weapons’ info only shows “–”
The brave effect works as intended and there’s no other problem besides the weapon info.
The patch works perfectly on a vanilla ROM.

Is it possible to fix this?


What does the remastered brave effect even do?
The post doesn’t explain it as far as I can see.


It makes brave attacks only activate when a character initiates the battle, just like in Fates and FEH


I tried on my installation with skill system and weapon stats display fine. It’s likely conflicting elsewhere.


I tried a vanilla ROM with the Skill System and then the brave patch and I had the same problem:


Perhaps you’re using an outdated version?
Edit: I may also be solving the problem retroactively with this patch?


I’m using the 20190404 version, the latest available in FEBuilder


The FEBuilder versions are behind the official releases since 7743 can’t keep up with converting it to his format.


I think this is because this patch is implemented using BL.
And the data is arranged in the specific area from 0x1c1ec0 to the position of 16 bytes.
Is this area already used in your ROM?


I tried using other address and the problem with the description is gone, but now it gets stuck when you select a weapon to attack.

And then I changed the address again and everybody can make double attacks even if the weapon doesn’t have the brave effect.