FE8 Autochess

FE8 but if you end your turn, the rest of your units act automatically


truly the way this game was meant to be played


please share your playthrough experiences here

most items have infinite durability so the ai can just do its thing


Ooh auto-battling for lazy people like me.



Combine this with the “player controls all four factions”, and you can make an actual 4-player anime autochess

Eirika kept dying on hard mode in Ch 1, so I changed the default AI. This is still completely vanilla AI - I just made the default less “I’m a green unit!” like.

This time I reached ch 5 at which point I’d run out of Vulneraries, so Eirika died. As a result, I’ve made Vulneraries have infinite uses, as the AI doesn’t bother with shops etc.
If you don’t start with a Vulnerary then RIP

Just dodge everything Eirika, duh!


Fe8 hard mode (ai controlled)

Blessed run. Eirika crits both generics and then solos the boss.

Eirika levels up Str twice!!

Franz dies and Seth kills the boss.

Blessed chapter where Ross dodgetanks to the end of the chapter :o

But Eirika gets overconfident. 1st reset.

Ah, turn 2 Ross death. That’s more normal.

Seth steamrolling as usual

Gotta wait for Colm

ahh this thief stole my Vuln :cry:

Seth won

I cheated and gave Eirika a vuln back

Minor stand off

don’t be a hero, Artur!

Eirika solos the boss this time

Moulder suicides at the last moment


I don’t think Moulder saw this run going very well after seeing the previous two. Oh dear.

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Ch 5

2nd reset after Eirika got archered

Everyone dies while Seth solos…

Ch 5x

Sweet, a 2nd jeigan


Ch 6

The ai won’t move my units if no enemies are in range to attack. 3rd reset here

Seth so good he sees through fog

Rip npcs

I have to show Eirika where the boss is

Seth kill steals as usual


Isn’t that just how everyone plays? The AI is smarter than we thought.


Really? I thought everyone is benched while Seth Solos.

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So unique <3 i always like the gameplay of autochess.

Near enough the same thing, if they’re dead you are forced to not use them!

Forgot to mention I got an elixir drop on Eirika last chapter, but she still prefers her trusty Vuln as it is higher in her inventory :roll_eyes:
I’ll send the vuln to convoy when I get enough item drops to be prompted by the ‘send to convoy’ menu. I should also mention I made most items unbreakable so the ai can just do its thing.

Ch 7

Eirika shows us the most efficient route

Ch 8

Two more resets here

Kyle dies twice

I manually break down the wall

Ephraim dies once to the boss but solos him afterwards.

Ch 9

I go with Eirika. She’s smart enough to not die too often.

Quite the army we have left

Rip tana

Seth solo’d

Ch 10

Two more resets near the start.

Killed Marissa.

My ai controlled units opened the door! And we won. Ez.

So far I am very surprised by how smart the ai is: Eirika really does stay out of the way most of the time while Seth charges ahead.


Ch 11

I cheat and promote Gerik into a ranger since he comes with his own crest.

This looks bad, but we get through it somehow.

Ch 12

Couple more game overs and unit deaths

Eirika soloing enemies…

Actually those odds look great! She got a lancereaver drop at some point which makes this easier.

They came to a standstill here so I needed to manually move Eirika closer.

Ch 13

Hey, I have units again. You know what that means! More death quotes!

I get several gameovers here, most everyone dies, and Eirika kills Cormag

Looks scary

Gerik hid up here from like turn 4 and did nothing. At least he lived…

Eirika reached level 20 at the end here. Her Res and Luk are a bit above average while her the rest of her stats are a bit below average.

Seth is pretty much his average.

Ch 14

I have to open doors manually here

Seth gets Rennac’s spear :moneybag:

Gerik dies in one room. I guess promoting him was pointless.

I have to manually move Eirika alll the way to the throne as she finishes off some enemies far from it while Seth kills the boss

Ch 15

10 or so game overs here. Ephraim dies a lot.


Duessel tried

Seth gets revenge on Valter

This death would have annoyed me if I hadn’t save stated after Ephraim finally survived all those enemies.

I had to load a savestate here a few times to win. Alternatively I could have made Eirika run away to have Seth solo.

Ch 16

Myrrh is awesome!

…was awesome

Seth reached lvl 20

I had to manually move closer to Orson

No, it’s Patrick

Epic promotion time

Ch 17

It looks intimidating…

This chapter had no game overs. EZ game


Gerik’s biggest problem is that he’s not Seth.

I’m almost amazed that Duessel managed to die somehow.

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Ch 18

Seth steals the juicy exp from the eggs. He is already lvl 20, ofc.

Couple resets and close calls

Seth bites the dust. It’s up to the siblings, now!

Ch 19

They run around, the king dies several times and the game becomes unwinnable in the last few turns because the ai does not understand how to keep the king safe.

I manually move them here.

I get fed up watching the ai blunder the chapter, so I just rescue the king and sit on the throne with Eirika.

Ch 20

Some close calls, but the siblings are becoming pretty decent. If only they could support.

I had to move up a tile to break a stalemate.

Much enemy

Riev eventually falls.

Couple resets like this.

Ch 21

Eirika sits here for several turns letting the dragon burn her while she drinks her elixir.

I eventually get bored and move them up a little.

Eirika solos everyone while Ephraim goes back for the easier targets near the dragon…

After many deaths, she eventually does it.

Ch 22

After one turn it looks like it’ll be an easy victory. But the ai prefers easy targets and gets several game overs while picking away the weak enemies.

We eventually win.

After having the ai complete the game, I made a minor change to it: the ai3 now uses the turn count (like fe7 Jaffar does) so that it will get more aggressive over time. This should hopefully stop some of the stalemates that occurred during my “playthrough”.

In conclusion, fe8 hard mode is pretty easy. Even the ai can eventually beat it.


How the heck did it get Seth ki-- Oh wait it got Duessel killed too.
This was definitely a bit weird!