[FE8] Attack On Titan (1 map, finished RomHack)

Hello everyone! My name is Salchi and I have the pleasure to upload my rom hack called “FE Attack On Titan”. As you can guess, it’s a game based on the Attack on Titan series using FE8 “The Sacred Stones” as a base. Although the game is slightly based on one of the most important chapters of the first seasons, you don’t need to know the series to play the game and it doesn’t contain any (relevant) spoilers either. The game contains the latest updates within the rom hacks such as skills, danger area, etc. In addition, each character has its own original portrait from the series.

The game consists of a single large map in which you will have to deal with a lot of titans and other enemies that simply want to raze the city to the ground. I promise you that it is a different experience within the Fire Emblems games and it will be overwhelming. I have tried to keep the difficulty (normal mode) balanced although it may take you several tries to figure out the keys to victory. You will start with no items and you will have to figure out how to advance in the adventure. It is inevitable that some units will die so try to continue whenever you can. To win you will have to survive and kill all the enemies.

Besides being my first post, it is also my first game so many things can be improved and optimized. Any kind of feedback is more than welcome. I hope you enjoy the game and of course, GIVE YOUR HEART!


Checked it out. Creative! I do like Bertholdt just being legs hah


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Fun, and a challenge indeed. I sure haven’t watched that anime before… I had to try 4 times to win!

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Hello, I’m from China. I found this hack not long ago. I found it very interesting after customs clearance. I want to translate it into Chinese because there are many FE players in China who also like Attack on Titan. I want to share this wonderful hack with them.